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A while ago my son moved out of home.  
It took me a while to get used to the idea of him not being there every day.  But it took a lot longer to work up to venturing into his old room which resembled Beirut style status with old magazines, cobwebs, remnants of blue tac smattering the walls and 'old sock' musty smell which somehow seemed to have permeated through the floorboards, and, I daresay the walls.

It was a really great light filled space with a stack of potential for a freshen up.

Do you have a spare room?  Is it underutilised?  Is it used more as a storage facility? What could you throw away, donate or minimalise? If you are lucky enough to have a spare room, there are some terrific, alternative ways to use it. We have come up with some ideas on how to use the space for you, you, YOU!  Instead of just plonking a bed in the room and closing the door until the next lot of rellies come to stay, how about putting into play some of these ideas.


Do you love to draw, sketch or paint?  Has it been forever since you actually did?  Well, it's time to get out those easels, brushes and paints.
Clear out the old bed.  Freshen up the walls with a coat of paint.  Let the light in.  Bring in some music.  Portable, wireless speakers are a great way to do this and you can stream the music from your phone through them.  Pop on the Brahms, light some essential oils in a burner and start discover 'you' again.  Being creative and using your talents as an outlet for relaxation and inspiration is a great way to get happy too!

Credit - Contemporary Family Room San Francisco Architects


Cue drooling....this kind of space can be all yours.  Imagine not having to fight with your loved one over hanging space ever again?

Make sure you have a good sized mirror.  Not something you stick to the back of your door either.  Make it big and bold and beautiful with a gorgeous frame.  If you are going to do this properly then its worth having a really beautiful mirror in the space.  We can help you with this at Charcoal Interiors.  Statement pieces are our specialty.

Get organised with a really good shelving system.  Buy one, or if you are going to do this for long term use we suggest having a shelving system customised to your needs.  Ask our Workshop Manager, John for advice.

And why not make your new dressing room extra special by adding a chandelier, your favourite artworks or photos, a wire mannequin, rug and comfy chair or ottoman.

 Credit - For the birds


Your current idea of working from home may look something like this.....a cleared space on the kitchen bench shared with old bills, unwashed coffee cups and left over pizza boxes?
Or maybe its a paper strewn dining table?  Wouldn't it be nice to relocate to your own private work area?  It is all very achievable too.  

We created this home office space for our client

Custom shelves and desk for our client help to create a truly sophisticated home office space.

Our customised pinboards (this one covered with European Velvet) make an exceptionally beautiful way to pin your home office notes and inspirations.
Talk to us about quoting up to your exact specifications.

Credit -



This is our top favourite idea!
Imagine a space at home where you can retreat, close the door to all the days stresses and connect into what is meaningful and important to you and your life?

The space doesn't have to be stark.  Choose items for your room that you feel connected to and which inspire and draw you towards your daily ritual.  
We have a list of ideas to get your started. 

1. Cushions.  You don't have to sit on the hard floor and it can also be distracting to the process when you have aches and pains from not being comfortable.  For successful meditation it is important to be able to relax physically, mentally and spiritually.  Freshen up your own existing cushion covers from Peacock and Penny.  Available in our online shop.

2.  Scent.  It is a fact that scents and aromas that are pleasing to us, will inspire relaxation and the proper use of essential oils can enhance the experience and bring a sense of calm.  We like to use either a candle or electric burner.  Both will have the same effect.  Candle light is relaxing and can also be a focus for meditation purposes. 
Essential oils recommended for your yoga and meditation retreat room are:
Sandalwood.  Patchouli.  Bergamot.  Frankinsence and the old trusty fave...Lavender.  Surround yourself with the natural scents of essential oils and only choose those which you find pleasant.

Credit - Lauren Rushing via Flickr

3. Music.  Relaxation music is a powerful tool and a must for yoga and meditation.  Music gives you a focus, especially if you are having a hard time with staying on track with your meditation.  We also find music helpful with yoga.  It just seems to help with the flow of movement and can also aid as a distraction when we hit a tricky pose.
On a recent visit to Bali, realising that we had no relaxation music on our ipods, we downloaded a couple of yoga music apps from the internet.  
Here is a link to the Top 13 Meditation Apps for Iphone and Android users.  Some are free and others available for a small fee.  Most have their own inbuilt music tracks or chimes, even meditation reminders and timers.

4. Tranquil Imagery.  Notice how creating our space is all about the senses?  Would you fill your tranquil space with photos of war or sunsets?  What you see affects how you feel.  Opening your eyes to a photo, print or artwork that inspires love and peace is essential. Our choices are:  Cathie - Beach Scenes.  Colette - Lake or Water.  Jen - The Serene Face of Buddha.   Fill the walls with beautiful, inspiring imagery!  It's your space!  Go for it!

Footnote - Where will we put the rellies when they come to visit then??
We invested in one of those air mattresses.  They are inexpensive, pack up into a bag for storage when not in use, and they are comfortable...but not so comfortable that your house guests will want to stay for too long :-)

The Charcoal Interiors Team specialise in all areas of Interior Design and Styling.  If you would love a fresh eye and professional advice on how to create your own space, or perhaps ideas and solutions on storage, renovating or even that paint colour you just cant get right.  Contact our team today for all the information on our exclusive design and home consultation services.

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