Wednesday, September 30, 2015


Spring at our place is all about warmer days, blooming flowers, the smell of Jasmine and Port Wine Magnolia and getting the house nice and fresh.  Opening up the windows, letting in the fresh air, cleaning the glass too and for some of us this bring the perfect opportunity to freshen up our curtains.

Brisbane has a lot of options when it comes to drapes, curtains, blinds and general window treatments but here at Charcoal Interiors we like to think that we take it to the next level.

Our drapery service is all about luxurious, quality fabrics.  We even have a hanging service.  We will not only provide you with an abundance of absolutely stunning fabrics to choose from, but also arrange the hanging by one of our trusted and qualified technicians.  

                                We service Brisbane, Gold Coast and surrounds.


This week, Cathie has been busy transforming the showroom.
You will find comfortably stylish nooks and plenty of inspiring fabrics, cushions, rugs, lamps, sofas and accessories....not to forget our sensational custom made tables and cabinetry!

Take the time to browse through our extensive range of unique pieces.
The design team are always here to discuss your Interior Design project needs.

And being close to the city centre of Brisbane, does not have to mean parking hassles.
We have free parking allocated right out the front of our showroom at 41 Brookes St.  Fortitude Valley.

If you're a lover of cushions and all things luxe, you will adore our exclusive range of Cushion Covers by Peacock and Penny
Crafted here in Australia using the finest of European Imported Fabrics.  No one item is the same.  Escape the dreariness of 'same same' with our fabulous available online!
AND...we post anywhere!

This sumptuous velvet chair in the deepest and darkest of blues has your name on it.
One only available.  Phone us for more details on 07 38526002

Got the blues?  These Spring inspired cushions will transform your space with the minimum of effort.
You can find these and more of our beautiful Peacock and Penny cushion range online.

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Wednesday, September 23, 2015


Charcoal Interiors Design Cathie Venardos with client

Google the words 'Interior Designer' and you will have a page filled with names.  Lists and lists of Designers willing to take on your project.  But, just like any profession there are good and bad.  
How do you find a really great Interior Designer?

From the experiences of the Charcoal Interiors design team, there are certain concepts and ideals that they understand and do best.  It's a bit like what goes on behind the scenes at a movie set...we all get to see the end results...which is usually pretty impressive, but what about the lighting, the sound, the production and so on.  There's so much more to the process that we don't know about.  We just take the end result for granted.  Same goes for Interior Design.  It can be complex and involved which is why its so important to have the experience of a really great designer who can see further than just the project at hand.

Here's the top five things that GREAT designers know best.

1. THEY KNOW THE IMPORTANCE OF DESIGN FOR YOUR FAMILY NOW AND ALSO INTO THE FUTURE.   A good designer will get to know you and your family.  They take the time to sit down and discuss your lifestyle, family dynamics etc....helping you to design an environment around your life and what you do.  If you love family time together around the television, then its important to have a living space that's conducive to comfort and community.  Young children have specific space needs, but it's also important to consider the older they get, the more personal space they will need.  Who thinks of these things and then knows how to meld the big picture for future years....a good designer does!

Brainstorming session

2.  THEY ARE EXCELLENT MEDIATORS.  He likes this and she likes that.  We have all been there and it can be so frustrating as a couple, to have to fight our spouse or partner for our ideas to be not only heard but implemented.  I mean that Moose Head HAS to go....right!?  Right??  Well, a good designer will take on the his and the hers ideas and merge them harmoniously.  If you think it's not possible then you haven't found the right designer yet! :-)

3.  THEY WILL CHALLENGE YOUR PARADIGM AND LOVINGLY COAX YOU INTO THE SHIFT.  Even though we may be asking for help from an Interior Designer, it doesn't necessarily mean that we are ready to let go of some of our 'old' ways.  A really good Interior Designer will gently coax you into your new look.  After all its about creating a space for you that enhances and reflects the person that you are and the things that you love and not necessarily about creating a space to the exact definitions out of a magazine photograph.

Head Designer Colette Venardos with another happy client

4.  THEY PUT THE CLIENT FIRST.  Our designers eat, sleep and breathe design.  There is no airy-fairy nonchalant attitude when it comes to delivering a sensational finished job.  You should expect for every fine detail to be taken into consideration.
Place your confidence into a designer with vast experience, excellent reviews and completed project portfolios. 

5.  THEY KNOW HOW TO GAIN OPTIMUM RESALE VALUE WHILST CREATING A HOME THAT FUNCTIONS FOR THE 'NOW'.  The family home is just that...a every sense of the word.
A good designer helps you to create the bathroom, kitchen and floor plan that suits YOU for NOW whilst also incorporating the image of what a future buyer will be looking for.
It's a delicate balance and a considered process.

To arrange an appointment with our Brisbane based Design Team, phone Charcoal Interiors on 
07 38526002
or visit our website to see our Interior Design and Custom Made furniture projects.

Wednesday, September 16, 2015



There's always something happening in the Charcoal Interiors Showroom!
From Interior Design jobs, to the ever eventful happenings in the workshop, there is never a dull moment.
I think that is why we love what we do so much.  No day is ever the same, and Christmas really does come to us on a daily basis, with new product and fabric arrivals. 

Here is Head Designer Colette with a beautiful, affordable, custom made wing back chair that we had made to order using quality European velvet in the deepest of darkest blues.  It really is a swoon-worthy piece and available for viewing in our showroom at 41 Brookes St. Fortitude Valley. Brisbane.

affordable interior design brisbane

affordable interior design brisbane

And another beautiful custom order feature chair, that only lingered here for a day or so before heading off to one very happy client.
This customised feature chair was luxuriously appointed using Rubelli imported fabric.
Needless to say, our client was very happy with the end result.
Our services are affordable and always of quality.

affordable interior design brisbane

A pretty pair

affordable interior design brisbane

Welcome to one of Workshop John's finest works.  
This custom made black cabinet is the perfect size for an apartment or office.
With intricate hand carving detail and excellent balance between form and function, this beautiful cabinet is now for sale and can be viewed in our showroom.

affordable interior design brisbane


Looking for rugs, but dont want to be hassled with traipsing all over the city trying to find just the right one?
Our Interior Design service encompasses rug consultation.
Avoid wasting time and expensive mistakes by calling our design team today for more information on our Interior Design service and all that we are able to assist you with.
Phone Colette or Cathie on 07 38526002

affordable interior design brisbane


Our cushion covers are sold to clients all over the world!  That is the power of online brings our local product to any part of the world.

This week, a batch of our Farmhouse Linen Rooster cushions are heading to Singapore.
Love cushions?  Check out our online shop, where we make it super easy for you to make your selection, process payment with ease and security, then we ship that day!  What could be more easy than that?


Walking through the showroom doors, you will always see something new, unique and special...our showroom is one like no other...and we are proud of that!

Spring fabrics have arrived and bring with them the anticipation of warmer weather, outdoor days, barbecues and wine spritzers by the pool.
Ask about our fabrics and how we can make them work for you and your home project.

affordable interior design brisbane

affordable interior design brisbane

Another perspective on our old Asian milking stool.
So earthy!  Last one available.  So many uses for this gorgeously authentic piece.

affordable interior design brisbane

More rustic urn arrivals.  Come in and have a look through our ever evolving range of earthen Turkish urns and pots.  

affordable interior design brisbane

These lovingly revamped Asian Rice Scoops make the perfect gift for that 'hard to buy for' friend or colleague.  The enticing greens and blues make these a must for kitchen display or key-rest on a hallway console.

affordable interior design brisbane

Too busy to visit the showroom during the week?
We are open on Saturdays from 9.30am to 1pm.
No need to EVER stress about parking in busy Fortitude Valley, as we have FREE parking right out the front of our showroom.
We like to make your experience with us as perfect as possible and truly look forward to welcoming you into our showroom.

PHONE - 07 38526002


affordable interior design brisbane

Wednesday, September 9, 2015



What's better than 1 Life Sized Bronze Lion?...well, that would be 2 Life Sized Bronze Lions!!

These beautiful statues really pack a statement beyond compare and would look incredible at the entrance to a Property or Winery, Restaurant etc...
A rare find and completely stunning

Price on application.
Viewings welcome.
Note:  Please do not feed after 5pm

Phone 07 38526002
41 Brookes Street.  Fortitude Valley.  Brisbane


Workshop Manager John, has been super busy this week (when is he ever NOT busy!)...this time working on a beautiful Traditional Japanese Tansu cabinet.  'Tansu' is the word for traditional Japanese cabinetry and John does this style justice in every possible way, using time honoured artisan techniques to create beautiful pieces such as this.

Working on the Tansu

The Completed Product


Not quite as involved as creating a traditional Japanese Cabinet, but still another important service that we can offer to our valued clients, and a part of our Interior Design service is restoration.

Here is a small example of a restoration project that John carried out on two side tables that our client couldn't bear to throw out.  With decent, sturdy bones and classic traditional contemporary lines these tables were given a new lease of life by John.


With a location on busy Brookes Street Fortitude Valley, our large showroom window really draws the customers in.

Here's a collection of what we have in our Showroom window this week.

Iron based feature lamp...we have 2 of these.

We love our Kiln Fired Jugs.  Pricing starts at just $50

Our Female Buddha.  Hand carved.

Delicious collections...Timber Printing Blocks..old timber Cobblers moulds and more Turkish urn selections.

Rustic Chandelier in timber and iron.  Stunning!

Contact us today for more information on our Interior Design, drapery, custom made furniture, upholstery services and more.
41 Brookes Street.  Fortitude Valley. Brisbane
Ph 07 38526002

Wednesday, September 2, 2015


Definition: 'Tween' Child between the ages of 9 and 14.

Charcoal Interiors Project

As the saying goes, "Too old for toys and too young for boys".  Remember when you were a 'Tween'?  For me, it was about 100 years ago, yet I do recall that 'awkward phase' of not really fitting in and being a bit clunky and clumsy.

Photo credit Inside Out Magazine

These days, Tweens are usually distracted fairly easily by their mobile phones, music, computers and gadgets, making it easier for you to infiltrate their bedroom space with Ninja-like stealth.

Photo credit -

There are ways to keep the Tweens room clutter free and organised, remove the baby-ish elements and transition through to a space more age appropriate.

Photo Credit Inside Out Magazine

Get your child involved in the process.  It's a great way to connect and also find out what they like?  Spend time together creating a mood board.
This is a great way to find out what they like and dislike, what colours they love, accessories etc....

Credit -

Kids love to express their passions.  Incorporate framed posters of their favourite sports person, or for the more fashionable inclined, try framed or mounted posters from old Audrey Hepburn movies as an interesting twist.

Now that they're growing up, its super important to create a study space, away from the kitchen or living room areas where distractions can be customary.
A good study area requires a desk, good lighting, comfortable chair, shelving for storage and easy access to chargers.

In the example below, Charcoal Interiors had this customised shelving and desk area made for our client.
As usual, it nearly always starts with a hand drawn sketch.

The finished product looked terrific, and our client absolutely loved it!

Charcoal Interiors Project

Downtime is important to all of us, and Tweens need a good balance of fun, parties, school and sports plus the ever important downtime.  A nook to relax and get some quiet time with Beanbags, Big Cushions or even a hanging seat for something really special.

Photo Credit - Pinterest

If your Tween enjoyed putting together the mood board with you, then they will love to create their very own inspiration board using on of our custom made pinboards, crafted to a size that suits you and then covered in beautiful fabrics.

Charcoal Interiors Custom Made Pinboards...Available Now!

Fill it with artwork, paintings, photos, party invites etc..for less clutter and a fun way to organise all those bits and pieces.
Contact us today for more information on our Interior Design Service, where we specialise in all aspect of home, including Tween spaces, Custom Made Furniture, Interior Design, Drapery and more.....

41 Brookes Street.  Fortitude Valley.  Brisbane
07 38526002