Wednesday, April 29, 2015


Do you love beautiful things?  Would you like to be able to own a unique piece of furniture made with care and of the finest quality?  Then, read on!  Charcoal Interiors doesn't bombard the public with sale after sale, but when we do have one on the rare occasion it's always special.  We need to make way for a very special new inclusion to the Charcoal Interiors showrooom.

There is something about walking away knowing that you have secured a treasured find at a fabulous price!  Below is just a smattering of some of our very special sale items which will be available from this coming Saturday the 2nd of May at Charcoal Interiors Showroom - 41 Brookes Street.  Fortitude Valley.  Queensland.
Phone us on 07 38526002 if you want to be absolutely sure you do not miss out on anything you have been eyeing from afar.  Most of these sale items are 'one-off' pieces that will not be replicated.

This traditional Chinese Wedding Cabinet has been reduced to $850 and take a further 10% off.  Available now to our blog subscribers and will not last.

This cabinet has heart and history.  Artisan hand crafted, solid and functional.  Own a piece of a 'time gone by' at a ridiculous price.

Like to own a piece of custom made furniture, crafted by awesome Artisan John?  This beautiful hall table made from reclaimed timbers ticks all the boxes for sustainability, style and functionality.  
Was $1100 and now reduced down to $770.

Our Tall Axion Ridged Pot has a Concrete, Fibreglass composition, making it super hardy and of the highest quality.  Unlike terracotta which crumbles and cracks in time, this pot will stand the test of time, whilst also looking amazing with its rustic neutral finish.
Was $875 Now $490

This large Feature Lamp with its hand carved timber base and elegant shade, is the perfect combination of rustic and simple design.  Be quick as this is the last one!
Was $1475 Now $740

Our Hand Beaten Metal Urn has been reduced down from $285 to just $175.
Intricately designed by hand with intricately patterned detailing.
Phone us today on 07 38526002 if you wish to secure this item before our sale start on Saturday 2nd May.

Our famous Square Dining Table with Trestle Based design, is now on Sale!
You will love the individualised detailing and rustic charm to this dining table that we guarantee will be a much loved piece of furniture for years to come.  
Now reduced down to just $2200!

If you loved our photo shoot and the dining table that featured in it, then you will be excited to see it is also now on sale!  French Provincial inspired.  Elegant and perfect dimensions.  The round table style is perfect for smaller or larger gatherings!
And the great news is that this table is reduced to half price!  Was $1600 Now $800.

Authentic Antique Step Chest, circa 1840's.  Own a piece of history here with this impressive Collectors Item.  Must Inspect.  Phone us for more details on 07 38526002
Reduced down to $4500.

Featuring in Country Living Magazine, these Tuscan Table Lamps with Iron Base really hit the spot with their sophisticated elegance.
We have a pair of these on sale.  
Now just $480 each!

Admirers of our awe-inspiring Hand Painted Chinese Cabinet will be thrilled to learn that it is now for sale.  Functional and stunningly painted by hand in the traditional way.  
Please phone us on 07 38526002 if you wish to secure this very special piece of history.
Was $4600 Now 2900

Medium and Large Renoir Candlesticks - Starting from just $180!
Add a touch of French Bordello to your bedroom with these intrically carved Feature Candlesticks.  We have two sizes available and this is the last of our stock in this range so be quick!

Sofa in imported fabrics.  Exclusive and limited fabrics.  Includes the cushioning.
Was $4312   Now $3400!

Assorted Feature Clocks.  All our range has working mechanisms so dont let the size fool you, as they are functional and look fabulous!  A terrific alternative to an art piece and in a variety of sizings and styles to suit that 'hard to work with' wall space.
Prices start at a mere $99.

Custom Made using Sustainable Timbers. Our Black Tapered Leg Square dining table is just perfect for apartment living or for those smaller families.  
Now reduced down to an incredible $690.

Assorted Fabrics Available While Stocks Last!
With prices starting at just $45.

This is a mere smattering of the Sale items available from Saturday 2nd of May.
41 Brookes Street.  Fortitude Valley.
Phone 07 38526002 to secure any item over the phone.  Speak to one of our friendly and helpful staff for more details.

Wednesday, April 22, 2015


Your Master Bedroom is a place for inspiration, peace, rest and intimacy.  Does your bedroom reflect this?
There is one room in the house where I can go and I always know that there will be privacy and reasonable peace and bedroom.

With our home being pretty full most of the week with 6 to 7 young adults residing there at a time, I find that having a space to relax, read, watch a movie on my note a necessity.  I have tried using the spare room from time to time, but it's just not the same as my bedroom with its comfy bed, desk for working at etc...  Here are some tips on how to make your bedroom your cosy sanctuary.

1. De-clutter. First of all stand in the doorway and take a good long look at the space.  The areas that you don't like the most will be evident.  Tackle clutter, as sitting in mess is not conducive to calm and intimacy.  Get rid of anything superfluous, old books under the bed, the pile of shoes in the corner, work papers and anything that you are not using throw it out or pack for storage.  Our rule is that if you haven't used it in 6 months it has got to go!

Charcoal Interiors Project

Via Chivasso

2. Sofa or Chair. Add a sofa or feature chair big enough to snuggle into and tuck your legs up into.  Curl up into a comfortable sofa.  Space permitting, a luxuriously appointed sofa can offer the perfect rendezvous point for you and your partner to catch up in peace after a big day at work over a glass of wine.

Charcoal Interiors Project

Via Chivasso

Via Lizzo

3. Hang Art.  Art is such a personal extension of self and because of this, you can select a piece that really reflects who you are and how you see the world.  

Charcoal Interiors Project - Art by Emma Sheldrake

Project credit via Athena Calderone

4.  Add an Upholstered Bedhead.  Bedheads can be the focal part of a room if executed well. We love the idea of an upholstered bedhead in sumptuous fabric, with a quality finish and it's all part of our design service. 

Charcoal Interiors Project

Photo and Project credit Petra Bindel

 Imagine being able to choose your own fabric to suit the space!  We can make this happen.  Just call or visit the website for more information.
Phone - 07 38526002
Charcoal Interiors Website

5.  Add A Desk.  The addition of a small desk to your sanctuary bedroom means you have somewhere to write in your journal, sketch, get creative, or catch up on paperwork in peace.  The key is to keep it uncluttered and an adornment of your favourite things ...but keep it minimal.

Custom Made Console Desk by Charcoal Interiors

6.  Invest in Quality Bedding.  Purchase quality bedding that will last a long time and almost always promotes a better nights sleep.  We recommend investing in sheet sets with a high thread count.  You CAN achieve that luxe sensory hotel experience in your own bedroom....the only thing missing will be room service!

Charcoal Interiors Project

via Lizzo

7. Window Treatments.  There's nothing more luxurious than beautiful drapes in your bedroom.  Besides from looking gorgeous, they also keep the harsh morning light out giving you more sleep time and ensure the full privacy that you need in your sanctuary.

8. Tranquil Colours. Walking into a room with a bright feature wall colour that kind of smacks you between the eyes is not our idea of tranquility or sanctuary.  

Project and photo via Athena Calderone

Try muted, natural, soft tonings. Why not look into wallcoverings? 

9. Lighting.  There is nothing worse than walking into a room with harsh, overly bright lighting, especially in the bedroom.  Invest in a couple of beautiful lamps for mood light, or look into having your lights converted to dimmers.  Well worth the investment.

Charcoal Interiors Project

10. Treat The Senses.  We love essential oil, in particular, oil blends.  Purchase a quality oil burner and invest in some glorious oil blends.  Fill your room with your favourite natural scents and make your bedroom your temple.

via dhgate

For more information on our services, or to see more Charcoal Interiors Projects, check out our website.
We offer a full Interior Design service, including custom made furniture, drapery, wallcoverings, lighting, art consultation and more.

The Charcoal Interiors Team

Wednesday, April 15, 2015


Never to be one dimensional, here at Charcoal Interiors we are so much more than just an Interior Design business.

Our upstairs retail showroom boasts a virtual Treasure Trove of hidden, seductive finds, many of which you will be hard pressed to find anywhere else.
We have been described in the past as an Aladdins Cave of treasured finds.  We like to think that our offerings are a balance of the modern, the antique, the contemporary, the traditional....but always quality pieces that are hand picked by our team.

Here is a mere smattering of what we currently have to tempt you.  We welcome you to come into our showroom at 41 Brookes St. Fortitude Valley for a spot of fossicking the most covetable of  riches for your home.


Block printing is the process of printing patterns on fabric, using wooden blocks with incised patterning that has been intrically carved by hand.  Indian blocks is the earliest method of textile printing.

We have a variety of Indian hand carved blocks in all shapes and sizes available in our showroom.  These blocks have their own individual beauty and can be used for the traditional method, mounted on a wall or displayed as you prefer.  

These blocks are a wonderful way to own a piece of history with soul.  We love the history of these pieces.  I can smell the incense and Sandalwood every time I hold one of these...close my eyes...and dream of an India long, long ago.........

This beautifully shot and presented link offers an insight into the intricacies of luxury quilt making using traditional Indian Block Printing techniques.  


Carefully hand crafted out of solid stone, yet retaining its impressively rustic essence this large water dish exudes cool, earthy luxe.


These cleverly crafted old wooden rice scoops are of a primitive design, and used traditionally to scoop rice, grains, corn and rice etc....

We love the colours.  These look amazing mounted and grouped together, or as an interesting display piece.  


Possibly one of our most coveted items in the showroom are these two Bronze Louis XIII candlesticks.  Circa 1640 and from a bygone era, this precious pair will impress the most discerning of collectors.


There is something about holding a beautiful piece of hand created earthenware.  Their patina, a memoir of the past.  

From our old Pottery Pickle Jar circa early 1900's  and its alluring design, to the beauty of our Turkish Yoghurt Jars and their interesting staining....the permanent scar of their redundant purpose.

To the rustic allure of our (just in stock below) Turkish Urn.

We have a selected range of these Urns and Pots in various shapes and sizes available in the showroom now.  However, they do tend to run out quickly, so we advise popping in to have a look or you can contact our helpful team for more informaiton - 07 38526002


Perched resplendently in the showroom, Kwan Yin welcomes you to Charcoal Interiors when you walk through our doors.

According to legend, Kwan Yin, who is often referred to as the female Buddha, was a beautiful Indian princess, who forsook marriage and the good life to live in a convent in order to become a truly enlightened human being, or 'bodhisattva' (is it just me or can you not say or see that word without hearing Steely Dan in your head??).

By turning her back on a life of luxury and seeking out spiritual enlightenment, her life story is similar in theme to that of the historical Buddha, Prince Siddhartha Gautama.  Both individuals eventually became thoroughly enlightened and compassionate spiritual beings, who sought to alleviate mankind's sufferings.  

Kwan Yin's name means "The one who hears the cries of the world"

Hand carved and still with remnants of her original paintwork, our Kwan Yin is available now in the showroom.


Reminiscent of something out of a Grimm Brothers Fairytale book, these wooden cobbler moulds are a thought-provoking alternative for those who love collectibles and interesting finds.


This precious leather embossed Chinese trunk box just gets better with age.  Indicative of the Asian cultures love for precious, decorative boxes, this treasured piece has as much character as it does charm.  Perfect as a gift for the person who has everything.  A stunning, unique jewellery impressive wedding gift for the couple who are hard to buy for.


Diminutive in stature, yet solid enough to be sat on, as they did in times gone by, this original hand crafted asian stool works well in the bathroom, kitchen etc....

We look forward to welcoming you to Charcoal Interiors and assisting you with finding your Treasures.

The Charcoal Team
41 Brookes St.  Fortitude Valley.  Qld.  4006
Ph. 07 38526002