Wednesday, July 29, 2015



Blink and Christmas will be here!  I know it may seem like a while away, but Christmas has the capacity to sneak up on you.  One minute you are happily unwrapping the foil off an Easter Egg, and the next its Christmas!

Our workshop manager, John crafts all our furniture right here on the Charcoal Interiors premises at 41 Brookes Street. Fortitude Valley.

And if you are still unsure as to exactly what you would like in a table, we have some beautiful suggestions for you.

Extension Table by Charcoal Interiors.

Pedestal Base Dining Table by Charcoal Interiors

We make tables to accommodate a large group too.  Perfect for restaurants and wineries.

 Beach Stretcher Based Table by Charcoal Interiors.

Or if French Farmhouse is more your table style? Charcoal Interiors

Square Beach Table in Oregon Timbers and finished with the staining of your choice
By Charcoal Interiors.

Beach Table in Dakota Black - By Charcoal Interiors

Parquetry Table with Simple Iron Base - By Charcoal Interiors

Our French Inspired Mia Table is so popular.  - By Charcoal Interiors

And we pride ourselves on our refined finishes.  Johns attention to detail is apparent with every table design.

If you would like to look through our extensive custom made portfolio, there's many more options available to peruse on our website.

Each year, we have a flood of last minute orders for our divine dining tables.  
Make your Christmas Day extra special this year and get your table order in early.
Our schedule board is filling fast and we hate to disappoint.

Contact us on 07 38526002 or pop into the showroom 
41 Brookes Street.  Fortitude Valley.  Brisbane.

Wednesday, July 22, 2015



We think our Workshop Manager John, epitomises all that defines a true craftsman.
For those who have met him will testify, John loves what he does, however his deliberate attention to detail whilst quietly going about his daily work just never fails to impress.

He has been very busy in the workshop lately, but in the meantime, we have been capturing snippets of his projects.  Over the course of the next few weeks, and by popular demand we will be showcasing some of his latest work. 

Every one of our pieces starts with a 'story' or a concept.  Sometimes the idea comes from the client.  They know exactly what they want, or have seen a picture in a magazine and this gives the design team something to go by.  With Colette and Cathie being the first point of call, they discuss with the client and a get a true feel for exactly what is required.  Then, its off to John with a photo, or on most occasions an idea.  
From there, and after much deliberation, John will come up with some sketches.
We love how he uses the organic method of freehand sketching.  Our clients adore it.


It started with a sketch......

When approached by our client to recreate a traditional piece of Tansu cabinetry, John relished the challenge.
Tansu is a traditional style of Japanese furniture, designed to be mobile storage cabinets.
The word Tansu is used to refer to Japanese furniture in the general sense but has a literal translation meaning 'chest' or 'cabinet'
Traditional characteristics of this type of piece are
Iron Hardware
Minimalist in design
Rich Wood Grains
Luxuriant coating finishes.

And so with this brief, John set upon the task of crafting quite an intricate piece of Japanese inspired furniture, whilst also giving it his own personal and unique identity as you can see in the photos below.







With this particular project, our client saw a photograph in a magazine, showing exactly the style of coffee table she wanted.  
This of course can make the process that bit easier for the team.  All they needed were dimension specifics and a look at the home space to ensure a correct balance was to be achieved.  In this case, obviously dimensions were quite paramount to the space, so therefore we made adjustments to accommodate the clients specific needs.

Our clients magazine photograph.  She clearly had excellent taste, as this is Donna Karans residence!

The team then set to work, starting with a consultation over lunch.

And then the fun part begins for John.  The Empire Coffee Table starts taking shape.

Finishing touches.

A check for quality and balance...all boxes ticked!

 And the finished product!...........

If you would like to see more of John in his workshop, just click on the Video link below.

It may not be something as intricate as a Tansu cabinet that you require.  We cater to all customised requirements, whether it be shelving, cabinetry, tables, benches, retail applications etc...
Be sure to visit our showroom at 41 Brookes Street, Fortitude Valley
Phone 07 38526002

For more information on our Interior Design and Custom Made Services click on the link below.

Wednesday, July 15, 2015


Although it is freezing here in Brisbane at the moment, the warmer weather will be upon us before you know it!

It's time to start planning ahead!

We LOVE the idea of creating a home space, indoor and out, where you can feel like you are on holidays all year round.

From bright florals to muted soft tonings we have something for every taste in the Peacock and Penny cushion range.

Image credit Vogue via Pinterest

Florals eminate a feeling of freshness, Spring and happiness.

Our Tropical inspired cushion cover range by Peacock and Penny adds a pop of colour.  
Perfect for an outdoor room (just be sure to bring them in nightly to ensure the quality of fabric and longevity of your treasured purchase) or indoors to bring the nature of outdoors IN!

The Peacock and Penny Tropical range of cushion covers, plus many more styles are available now in our online shop.

Image credit - Female Network via Pinterest

The soft, relaxed look and style of our Peacock and Penny French Linen cushions are just perfect for lovers of the classic resort look.

Our Damask cushion cover, is soft, luxurious and perfect for the resort style look.
The 'Fern' design, in French Linen, still has the soft tonings but with a spray of fern green.  Decadent and perfectly suitable to the resort style look you are going achieve.
Say hello to our Peacock and Penny exclusive Damask French Linen cushion.  The look and feel is luxurious and so very special, but still fits into the comfortable Resort Style look.  You will love this!
Available now in our Peacock and Penny Online Shop
Limited Edition.

And we love our Silver Ikat inspired cushion cover (below).
Create your own Resort style bedroom space with a soft, fresh palate.  Introduce some natural timbers and textures.  Finish it off with this stunning Limited Edition cushion cover, crafted exclusively from European Fabric that has been sourced from the finest textile houses in Europe.
Ikat lovers will love this.

For more information on our Exclusive Peacock an Penny Cushion range, just click here

Need help creating a space of your own?  Unsure where to start?  Scared of making expensive Interior mistakes?
You need the help of the Charcoal Interiors design team.
Contact them today for an in house appointment.  Yes...we come to you!
More of our projects can be viewed via the website.

Visit our showroom, where you can also view the Peacock and Penny cushion range and immerse yourself in the many other products and services we have on offer.
All our custom crafted furniture is made on the premises.

41 Brookes Street.  Fortitude Valley.  Brisbane. Queensland.  4006
Phone: 07 38526002

Wednesday, July 8, 2015


We love cushions!
And for so many reasons.  They're the handbag and shoe collection for the home.  You just can never have too many!

Cushions are the perfect accessory, and they also can be an inexpensive way to refresh a space, or add a pop of colour or texture to an otherwise dull room.

We are so excited with our new Peacock and Penny styles, now available via our online shop.

Each cushion cover is crafted using exclusive European Fabrics.  Each one is individual and unique and we do not mass manufacture, so you will be purchasing the equivalent similar to a designer gown...but a lot more attainable.

Its not just about throwing around cushions in a haphazard fashion.  There are a few guidelines to optimum effect.  Here, the Charcoal Interiors design team give some of their top tips for mix and matching your cushions like a pro!

1.  Don't be afraid to combine multiple textures...from Damask, to Silk and Velvets, creating interest and charisma to the space.

2.  Size matters.  Having a 'same-same' to your cushion/pillow sizing can be a little uninteresting.  get creative with different shapes and sizes.

3.  Kung Fu It!  Style like a pro with a Karate Chop to the middle of the cushion, creating a crease which gives a professional, full and more polished upright appearance.

4.  Inner Sizings.  Our top tip is to always purchase an inner that's a slight size larger than the actual cushion cover.  This gives a lovely, plump and full look to your cushion.

5.  Overcrowding.  Too much of a good thing can detract from the beauty of the the cushion covers you have chosen.  Instead of piling a ridiculous amount of cushions on your bed, go for a real Statement piece like our Spring Garden Cushion, now available in our online shop.  This particular style is a stunning pop of colour, whilst also having sumptuous texture.  

The best things in life ARE free...and we are happy to offer FREE shipping to our Australian customers for a limited time only.  Purchase $90 or more from our Peacock and Penny online shop and you will receive your postage for absolutely no cost.  International customers note, our shipping costs are some of the leanest on the Etsy site, so get cracking and check out all our beautiful styles.  Use the code: 'Peacock' to receive your postage for free.

Thursday, July 2, 2015


Our new product range launch has been a huge success, and we are happy to disclose that more styles have been added to the Peacock and Penny range!

From muted tonings to bright and cheerful, there is something for everyone.

Colourful Contemporary Tulip style that says Spring!
Give your space a real mini facelift with this gorgeous style. 

The more sedate Mocha Stripe Cushion by Peacock and Penny is versatile in Imported European Linen.

Add a touch of the exotic to your space with our Moroccan inspired cushion covers.
50 x 50cms in Maroon and Gold....stunning!

This bird design cushion cover has been crafted from the finest of European Silks.

Love Florals?  Then the Peacock and Penny Hyacinth floral cushion cover is yours.
Luxuriously appointed in Imported French Linens and patterning in divine florals.  This is Country Chic at its best.

Our soft toned, understated damask floral cushion covers add a touch of softness to your space.

Peacock and Penny Spring Garden patterned cushion cover in soft pinks, greens on a beautiful beige background.  Invisible zip.  Quality European Fabric....stunning.

Our 100% French Linen Springtime cushion cover in versatile soft tonings would look gorgeous in your bedroom....go on...treat yourself today.

To see our full range of Peacock and Penny Exclusive Cushion Covers, visit our online shop.