Wednesday, July 8, 2015


We love cushions!
And for so many reasons.  They're the handbag and shoe collection for the home.  You just can never have too many!

Cushions are the perfect accessory, and they also can be an inexpensive way to refresh a space, or add a pop of colour or texture to an otherwise dull room.

We are so excited with our new Peacock and Penny styles, now available via our online shop.

Each cushion cover is crafted using exclusive European Fabrics.  Each one is individual and unique and we do not mass manufacture, so you will be purchasing the equivalent similar to a designer gown...but a lot more attainable.

Its not just about throwing around cushions in a haphazard fashion.  There are a few guidelines to optimum effect.  Here, the Charcoal Interiors design team give some of their top tips for mix and matching your cushions like a pro!

1.  Don't be afraid to combine multiple textures...from Damask, to Silk and Velvets, creating interest and charisma to the space.

2.  Size matters.  Having a 'same-same' to your cushion/pillow sizing can be a little uninteresting.  get creative with different shapes and sizes.

3.  Kung Fu It!  Style like a pro with a Karate Chop to the middle of the cushion, creating a crease which gives a professional, full and more polished upright appearance.

4.  Inner Sizings.  Our top tip is to always purchase an inner that's a slight size larger than the actual cushion cover.  This gives a lovely, plump and full look to your cushion.

5.  Overcrowding.  Too much of a good thing can detract from the beauty of the the cushion covers you have chosen.  Instead of piling a ridiculous amount of cushions on your bed, go for a real Statement piece like our Spring Garden Cushion, now available in our online shop.  This particular style is a stunning pop of colour, whilst also having sumptuous texture.  

The best things in life ARE free...and we are happy to offer FREE shipping to our Australian customers for a limited time only.  Purchase $90 or more from our Peacock and Penny online shop and you will receive your postage for absolutely no cost.  International customers note, our shipping costs are some of the leanest on the Etsy site, so get cracking and check out all our beautiful styles.  Use the code: 'Peacock' to receive your postage for free.

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