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In most parts of Australia, even though the days are still pretty warm, the evenings and mornings are getting that lovely crisp, coolness to them.  
We love the change of season.  Watching the leaves turn gold, rust and red.  
Autumn is a terrific time to start introducing some warmth to your home in preparation for Winter.

Here in Australia we don't have to worry too much about 'Winterising' our homes like those in Europe or Northern America and Canada, however there are some simple steps we can take to really cosy up our homes in preparedness for the shorter days and the cooler temps that make you just want to curl up, relax and get cosy.

This week, the Charcoal Team were discussing our yearly routine of packing up the Summer clothes, introducing boots and leggings to the wardrobe again (Yay!)...dusting off the crock pot for those warming Winter soups and stews, and most importantly, giving our homes the changes necessary for a comfortable chilly change.

Here is a selection of ideas that are quick and easy, yet will create a real impact in your home for Winter.


Throws are such a handy item to have in the home and in our opinion you cant have enough!
We use ours to throw over our legs on chilly nights.

Image credit Elle Decor via Pinterest

A great way to add warmth and colour over a chair or sofa
Drape over the end of your bed for the dual purpose of keeping you warm on those nights you just need that little bit of something extra, and looks terrific too!


'texture' - noun
The feel, appearance or consistency of a surface or substance

Texture adds dimension to a room.  Texture appeals to your senses in a visual way and also by how they feel.

Our extensive selection of cushion covers available instore or
via our online shop Peacock and Penny

  A soft faux rug, a richly woven throw, sumptuously tactile velvet cushions, the earthiness of timber, leather, metallics and silks.

Adding layers via texture to the room will create an inviting, cosy space to relax and unwind.

Charcoal Interiors

A comfortable statement chair in luxurious fabric is the perfect addition to your relaxation space.  

Charcoal Interiors

Charcoal Interiors

We recommend a chair that is wide enough to tuck your legs under.  

Our Leather customised 'Peter' chair.  Big and comfy.  

Not sure which chair would be best for you or your space?  And how about fabrics?  If it all gets too hard, we are here to help. Come in with your seating requirements and let the team assist with finding you just the right option.  Our design service offers seemingly endless possibilities.

Kate, Cathie and Colette in the Charcoal Interiors Showroom


The cooler months dont necessarily mean you have to bunker down inside every evening. 
We have a beautiful brazier at home on the back deck, that gets used a lot!
Watching a lovely crackling fire is better than any television show and sharing conversation over a glass of red wine is a fabulous way to connect with family and friends.

image credit M Borg via flickr

If you are lucky enough to have an indoor fireplace with a mantle, then take a couple of hours to give it a good clean and freshen up.

Charcoal Interiors Project

Here our client had the team renovate the original fireplace of this stunning 1800's Queenslander.  The addition of some of their precious collectables accompanied by the aged mirror created a declaration of sophisticated eclecticism.

Charcoal Interiors project

In lieu of using the mantle as a showcase for collectibles, the Charcoal Design Team installed this stunning hand carved French Mirror which stands as a statement piece in the room, yet not detracting from the clients art collection.

Image - Tumblr via Pinterest unknown origin

A mantle piece is the perfect spot to showcase your favourite things, but perhaps it's time to take a good long look at your collections and refresh.  Take the 'Chanel approach' and remove a couple of items for a less cluttered look.  Adding beautiful blooms or greenery in a rustic urn can sometimes just be enough.

If it is too old to use, we love the idea of placing candles in the hearth.

image credit to via pinterest


Don't be nervous about purchasing a rug for your home.  Rugs are the perfect way to add warmth and character to a room.  They also are an acoustic absorber....a beautiful way to cut down on the noise!

Charcoal Interiors Designer Cathie considering rug selections for our client

Don't skimp on size.  In a living room, the size defines the conversation space and so it should be big enough for furniture legs to rest on.

Charcoal Interiors Project

And in the bedroom you want to feel the rug out of your feet when you get out of bed on cold winter mornings.  Below is a great example of placement of a rug for comfort as well as appearance.

Charcoal Interiors Project

So, the golden rule is not to skimp on size.  Size really does matter!

If you are giving your room a complete make-over for the cooler months then we suggest choosing your rug first.  Rugs make such a visual impact to the room, if chosen first you can then tie in your other soft furnishings with it.


Ah, one of lifes small luxuries is being able to light a candle in the bathroom, sink into a warm bubble bath and sip champagne don't you think?

photo credit via Pinterest

Winter and the colder months bring the perfect excuse to give the candles a dust off, or better still, get a whole set of fresh ones to last the months ahead.

Charcoal Interiors project

Create the ambience of a cosy retreat at home by grouping together a collection of candles.  We recommend soy candles as they burn clean.  We have an array to choose from in the showroom.  Fill your home with a warm glow amidst the scent combination of Foxglove and Burnt Sugar Cane, Stinging Nettle and Vanilla or Gardenia and Angelica.

Witches Chase Soy Candles available.  Limited Stock.

We also love these huge glass lanterns which are a real statement piece and the perfect home for large singular candles.  All available in the retail section of our showroom.

Glass Statement Lanterns Available Instore Now. Limited Stock.


If you were thinking about taking the plunge and finally purchasing drapes for your home, then there is no better time than Autumn/Winter.

The beauty of our quality drape service is that we handle everything from fabric consultation, to measure up and installation with our experienced team.

Charcoal Interiors Project

With a seemingly endless array of fabric choices at our fingertips we can help you create the look you envisage.

Window treatments are perfect for creating warmth and luscious style to your home, whilst also reducing heat loss in Winter, and heat gain in Summer.   

Contact us today for more information on our drapery service where we provide excellence in service and product.

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Wednesday, March 18, 2015


Re-upholstering a favourite chair can be a terrific way to inject a new lease of life into the piece, and also give your space a lift.

Charcoal Interiors Project

The old 'hand me down' that you just cannot bear to give up may be a little out-dated.  Perhaps the fabric is old and tatty, or it could be that the frame also needs a bit of work?

Charcoal Interiors Project


Cathie Venardos - Designer Charcoal Interiors

 Be sure to look beyond the existing fabric coverings and focus on the lines of the chair, the condition of the timber and the quality of the frame.

Charcoal Interiors Project - Lola

It will be apparent that if your chair is a quality piece, there will not be much more that needs to be done other than having it covered in your choice of fabric.  This is why we always recommend, quality furniture and timeless, classic lines.

Charcoal Interiors Project

Charcoal Interiors Project

It's very important that the fabric you choose be right for the piece.  
Stripes and patterns can be a challenge for certain shaped chairs.

Charcoal Interiors Project

Where is the chair going to be located in your home?  Is it a statement piece, or will you be using it in more high traffic areas?

Shopdog Brian with one of our projects

If you have pets or the chair is going to be used frequently we recommend fabrics with a good rub rate for excellence of durability.  
We have a huge range of fabrics that fit all the criteria.  And there is definitely something for all tastes.  

Charcoal Interiors Project

Nowadays, with the huge range of fabrics that are now available you will not be wanting for inspiration or choice!

Charcoal Interiors Project


With all the 'Do It Yourself' shows on the television and articles in the media at the moment, you can be forgiven for thinking that upholstery is nothing more than an hour to spare,  some fabric and a staple gun and scissors.  Having the job done for optimum effect is important and there is so much more to upholstering a chair than what they will show you in a 3 minute tutorial. 

Charcoal Interiors Project

Here is an excellent example of two very special chairs, which were given the complete overhaul by the Charcoal Team.  

These Lous XVI King and Queen Chairs were given a complete Cinderella style transformation.

Before Upholstery Begins


With grand lines and sturdy bones, these chairs were given the royal treatment with fabrics removed and framework meticulously sanded back.

Half way through the process.

Stunning Transformation


Finished off with Black, sumptuous and luxurious French Velvet, these chairs now have an updated look that will last for years to come.


Contact one of our knowledgeable staff for information on our full design service, encompassing upholstery, custom made furniture, drapes, curtains and window treatments, Interior Design and more!

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Wednesday, March 11, 2015


Are you drawing a blank when it comes to the question of what to do with your bare wall at home?
The cluttered photo frame look has been done to death and is not for everyone.  Here we give you some creative alternatives to inspire a space with the 'wow factor'.


For the budding photographer in a lot of us, having your faves developed into oversized prints, professionally framed and hung can not only showcase your skills whilst creating a slick and clean lined look, but it also is a daily reminder of how very clever you are.

(c) Image via Homedit

We love the drama of this incredible piece of art against the wall.  Here is an effective example of art giving a splash of colour to what would have otherwise been a very monochromatic look.

(c) Image via


Charcoal Interiors Project

Our design team used a very special European printed Wallpaper for this wall, which turned it from blank and clinical to glamorous and captivating.
The inclusion of the mirror, brings a focus and striking point of difference.

Charcoal Interiors Project

Instead of slapping posters of cars all over the walls, the design team hung book themed wallpaper in this pre-teen boys bedroom.

via Arte'

Another example of how wallcoverings can add depth and interest to a wall.

This panel themed wallcovering takes charge of the room and really makes a sophisticated statement.  Who said that you just had to limit yourself to  just picture art on walls?

Via Arte'

Do not be fooled.  This is wallpaper at its very, very finest.  Pearly glass mosaic patterning interlaced with golds and silvers.

This beautiful panoramic mosaic patterned wallpaper is a stunning bare wall alternative.  Who wouldn't want this in their home?


A large statement mirror will add depth to the room.

An intricately framed oversized mirror will add glamour.

(c) The Pink Chalkboard blogspot

Pairing two mirrors together adds the wow factor and creative edge.

Charcoal Interiors

This large arched mirror (above) brings an Art Deco lilt to the space whilst also adding depth.  You almost feel like you are looking through and past it.  Note: make sure your mirrors reflect back something beautiful (besides you of course).

Via Home Beautiful

By pairing these two Moroccan themed Mirrors together on the outdoor patio area, it not only looks amazing, but creates a spacious feel which is a bonus in small space living.

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