Wednesday, February 25, 2015



Verandah.  Balcony.  Porch.  However you say it, the verandah is to us, a place to relax and unwind.  A place to sit and wait in anticipation for friends or family to arrive home.  A place to sit with a glass of wine after a busy day and watch the world go by.  

(c) Amanda Tipton via Flickr

We have a daily ritual whenever possible to sit on the back verandah and watch the day end.  It's our way of reflecting on a day gone, hopefully meaningfully spent and usually with glass of wine in hand.  

Here are some ideas on how to get the most out of your home verandah.

 Eating al-fresco in the warmer months is a terrific way to utilise your verandah.  
Our client loved big family get togethers and so we created the perfect space for her on the back verandah with screening blinds to protect from the wind and also add privacy.

Marble Top Dining Table teamed with hand forged iron chairs - Charcoal Interiors

Quality screening helps keep the wind out and also creates an outdoor room for family gatherings.

Below, our clients new renovations included this fabulous verandah space with plenty of area for al-fresco dining.

Caneline outdoor setting - Charcoal Interiors.

When you are wiling away the hours, make sure its in comfort.

We recommend a chair with lots of quality cushioning, and enough room to tuck your legs under.

Here, our client chose a stylish French inspired chair for her spacious verandah.

Chair and large metal urn - Charcoal Interiors

A Swing Chair. What a way to relax and unwind. The ultimate indulgence for those with enough room.  
This customised piece has been professionally hung, so be sure to find the right person for the job to avoid nasty surprises.

Plants and pots can really add an earthy vibe to your verandah.

Try not to overwhelm the space with too many pots and plants.  A couple of really stunning, well placed urns filled with greenery are spot on.

Whatever you decide to do with your verandah space, make sure you enjoy it.  Take the time to chill, reflect and love being in your space!

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Wednesday, February 18, 2015



A while ago my son moved out of home.  
It took me a while to get used to the idea of him not being there every day.  But it took a lot longer to work up to venturing into his old room which resembled Beirut style status with old magazines, cobwebs, remnants of blue tac smattering the walls and 'old sock' musty smell which somehow seemed to have permeated through the floorboards, and, I daresay the walls.

It was a really great light filled space with a stack of potential for a freshen up.

Do you have a spare room?  Is it underutilised?  Is it used more as a storage facility? What could you throw away, donate or minimalise? If you are lucky enough to have a spare room, there are some terrific, alternative ways to use it. We have come up with some ideas on how to use the space for you, you, YOU!  Instead of just plonking a bed in the room and closing the door until the next lot of rellies come to stay, how about putting into play some of these ideas.


Do you love to draw, sketch or paint?  Has it been forever since you actually did?  Well, it's time to get out those easels, brushes and paints.
Clear out the old bed.  Freshen up the walls with a coat of paint.  Let the light in.  Bring in some music.  Portable, wireless speakers are a great way to do this and you can stream the music from your phone through them.  Pop on the Brahms, light some essential oils in a burner and start discover 'you' again.  Being creative and using your talents as an outlet for relaxation and inspiration is a great way to get happy too!

Credit - Contemporary Family Room San Francisco Architects


Cue drooling....this kind of space can be all yours.  Imagine not having to fight with your loved one over hanging space ever again?

Make sure you have a good sized mirror.  Not something you stick to the back of your door either.  Make it big and bold and beautiful with a gorgeous frame.  If you are going to do this properly then its worth having a really beautiful mirror in the space.  We can help you with this at Charcoal Interiors.  Statement pieces are our specialty.

Get organised with a really good shelving system.  Buy one, or if you are going to do this for long term use we suggest having a shelving system customised to your needs.  Ask our Workshop Manager, John for advice.

And why not make your new dressing room extra special by adding a chandelier, your favourite artworks or photos, a wire mannequin, rug and comfy chair or ottoman.

 Credit - For the birds


Your current idea of working from home may look something like this.....a cleared space on the kitchen bench shared with old bills, unwashed coffee cups and left over pizza boxes?
Or maybe its a paper strewn dining table?  Wouldn't it be nice to relocate to your own private work area?  It is all very achievable too.  

We created this home office space for our client

Custom shelves and desk for our client help to create a truly sophisticated home office space.

Our customised pinboards (this one covered with European Velvet) make an exceptionally beautiful way to pin your home office notes and inspirations.
Talk to us about quoting up to your exact specifications.

Credit -



This is our top favourite idea!
Imagine a space at home where you can retreat, close the door to all the days stresses and connect into what is meaningful and important to you and your life?

The space doesn't have to be stark.  Choose items for your room that you feel connected to and which inspire and draw you towards your daily ritual.  
We have a list of ideas to get your started. 

1. Cushions.  You don't have to sit on the hard floor and it can also be distracting to the process when you have aches and pains from not being comfortable.  For successful meditation it is important to be able to relax physically, mentally and spiritually.  Freshen up your own existing cushion covers from Peacock and Penny.  Available in our online shop.

2.  Scent.  It is a fact that scents and aromas that are pleasing to us, will inspire relaxation and the proper use of essential oils can enhance the experience and bring a sense of calm.  We like to use either a candle or electric burner.  Both will have the same effect.  Candle light is relaxing and can also be a focus for meditation purposes. 
Essential oils recommended for your yoga and meditation retreat room are:
Sandalwood.  Patchouli.  Bergamot.  Frankinsence and the old trusty fave...Lavender.  Surround yourself with the natural scents of essential oils and only choose those which you find pleasant.

Credit - Lauren Rushing via Flickr

3. Music.  Relaxation music is a powerful tool and a must for yoga and meditation.  Music gives you a focus, especially if you are having a hard time with staying on track with your meditation.  We also find music helpful with yoga.  It just seems to help with the flow of movement and can also aid as a distraction when we hit a tricky pose.
On a recent visit to Bali, realising that we had no relaxation music on our ipods, we downloaded a couple of yoga music apps from the internet.  
Here is a link to the Top 13 Meditation Apps for Iphone and Android users.  Some are free and others available for a small fee.  Most have their own inbuilt music tracks or chimes, even meditation reminders and timers.

4. Tranquil Imagery.  Notice how creating our space is all about the senses?  Would you fill your tranquil space with photos of war or sunsets?  What you see affects how you feel.  Opening your eyes to a photo, print or artwork that inspires love and peace is essential. Our choices are:  Cathie - Beach Scenes.  Colette - Lake or Water.  Jen - The Serene Face of Buddha.   Fill the walls with beautiful, inspiring imagery!  It's your space!  Go for it!

Footnote - Where will we put the rellies when they come to visit then??
We invested in one of those air mattresses.  They are inexpensive, pack up into a bag for storage when not in use, and they are comfortable...but not so comfortable that your house guests will want to stay for too long :-)

The Charcoal Interiors Team specialise in all areas of Interior Design and Styling.  If you would love a fresh eye and professional advice on how to create your own space, or perhaps ideas and solutions on storage, renovating or even that paint colour you just cant get right.  Contact our team today for all the information on our exclusive design and home consultation services.

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Wednesday, February 11, 2015



Well, it is already the month of February.  
At the start of each year we seem to set similar essential goals such as health, finance, getting ourselves more organised (that's a hard one), but what about HOME?  Home welcomes us at the end of the day when we can feel like we are holding the weight of the world on our shoulders. 
A beautiful, comfortable home can really enhance your life and mood so if those things are important to on.

Time is one commodity that we dont seem to have a lot of these days.  We have come up with a very simple, step by step plan for freshening your space.  And it can all be done in a weekend.  Sit down, have a plan.  Source some key pieces and perhaps buy them during the week in readiness for your home space transformation this weekend.

....Get Excited About Freshening Your Home Space With These 5 Steps....

1. Update your Accessories and Soft Furnishings

Cushions and throws are a great way to make changes.  They also can be the perfect seasonal transformation tool.  Warmer tones and textures for the cold months and smooth cool tonings for Summer/Spring..  Cast your eye over the space and take away the 'tired' pieces that you may want to donate, give away or perhaps put in storage for another time.  Refresh with cushions, throw blankets, a new lamp or inspirational feature piece for the coffee table.  
Cushion Cover Available through Peacock and Penny

An array of the possibilities available at Peacock and Penny

Have you seen our range of gorgeous, unique cushion covers available now in our online shop Peacock and Penny?  We use exclusive European fabrics for our products.  If you love the unique and shun the 'same-same' then get clicking and check out our array of beautiful items.  

2. Kitchen Spruce Up

Let's face it, we spend a lot of time in our kitchens and yet we can be completely oblivious to their degeneration.  It's not until we take the time to stand back and have a really good look around, that we come to terms with the shocking truth, that.....Ewwwwww...things need a bit of a freshen up!  Creative cooking becomes so much more pleasurable in a clean, renewed space.

Contemporary cool. Uncluttered bench tops and downlights fitted, 

Charcoal Interiors Kitchen Project

Replace the light fittings.  Shop around and you will be surprised what is available and how easy it can be to swap them around.  Take the doors off your top cupboards.  This can create the look of more space.  Just unscrew the doors and fill in the holes.    Treat yourself to new crockery, especially if you are not happy with what is on display in your newly exposed cupboard shelves (see above).  Change your kitchen blinds or curtains.  Roman blinds always add a slick air of elegance. Replace your bench accessories with new rustic style cutting boards, oil jars etc...  Put your toaster and other appliances away in cupboards out of sight.  And if you have one of 'those' paper piles in the corner of the kitchen bench that you know will never go away no matter how hard to try to be organised, purchase an interesting tray or basket for their storage.

3. Paint

An inexpensive coat of paint can completely transform a room.  Try to go with a classic shade.  We steer away from trend colours and encourage the use of classics that will stand the test of time and outlive trend. 

(c) Patrick Goossens via Flickr

 Ask our team for a home consultation if you are serious about wall colour changes but perhaps unsure on how and where to start.  An expert can take the stress out of the process and save you making an expensive mistake too.

4. Get Rug-ged

                   Our designer Cathie can take you through all the rug options available

A great rug is the key foundation piece to any room. Some designers even go as far as to start with the rug as the beginning of their process with the remainder of the room being built around it.  We believe  that the rug is a great way to update a room and also give the space a facelift.  We offer the full service when it comes to rugs.  From choice suggestions that will compliment your room, to the delivery of your rug so you can see it in the space.  We want you to absolutely love everything about our products and service.

5.  Swap

Swapping cushions from the living room to the bedroom and they work in perfectly with the throw

Artworks from the living room were hung in the guest room, cushions and hall chairs swapped for a fresh new look!

We love to play! Have you ever thought of swapping pieces from one room the other?  The bedroom cushions may look terrific swapped with those on your sofa!  Artworks can be swapped from room to room too as can rugs and other soft furnishings.  Get your head into a creative space this weekend.  Paint, Swap and Update.  

For more soft furnishing inspiration head to our online shop

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Wednesday, February 4, 2015



Last night we hosted a small, relaxed event to welcome selected clients to our new showroom premises at 41 Brookes St. Fortitude Valley.

The evening consisted of a tour of the new showroom and workshop, fine wine tasting and a very special showing of the latest in European Textiles and Wallpaper.

Welcoming our guest to the new showroom.

Cathie helping clients choose curtain fabrics

Bubbles anyone??  Don't mind if I do!  
We had a range of fine Australian Wines and Sparkling styles for tasting on the night.

And a big thank you to our Sommeliers' with the mostest, Pete and Craig, who not only kept everyones' glasses full on the night, but also provided some wine education too.

Some of our beautiful fabric, cushion, soft furnishing and upholstery on display.

Stunning soft furnishing fabric options on show.

We created an atmosphere of 'endless options' on the night.

Vibrant colours.

Relaxing with good food, wine and conversation before the presentation.

The lovely Deb.

Our guests and wonderful support over the years...Annah and John

Colette with the lovely Cathy and Sue.

The downstairs workshop area became the perfect space to mingle.

Steph chatting about her recent visit to Maison Objet Fair in Paris.

Cathie with Lynda and Alyson

Cathie and Colette with the vivacious SES

Colette with the delightful trio of Steph, Kate and Deb.

The lovely Steph showcasing the new fabrics out of Europe.

The downstairs guests look on.

Steph, showcasing the incredible range of luscious Passementries - Tie backs, Cords, Tassles, Trimmings and Fringing.

As Steph said on the night.  Once you start a love of Wallpaper it can become quite 'addictive'.
Here she is showing the latest options out of Europe.

Heyyy....wait a minute here fellas....stop chatting up the chicks and back to filling glasses! 

Uber cool fashion on the night too!

Colette and Cathie with super stylish and always stunning Maria and Andrew.

Getting inspired on the night.  Thank you Alison, David and Cathy for your support.

Paige, looking through the endless fabric options available.

A BIG thank you to all who attended our small soiree on Tuesday night.  We are looking forward to planning our next event which will be open to our clients.  If you would like to be a part of it all please email us via the information below and we will put you on the invite list and our mailing list.