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Verandah.  Balcony.  Porch.  However you say it, the verandah is to us, a place to relax and unwind.  A place to sit and wait in anticipation for friends or family to arrive home.  A place to sit with a glass of wine after a busy day and watch the world go by.  

(c) Amanda Tipton via Flickr

We have a daily ritual whenever possible to sit on the back verandah and watch the day end.  It's our way of reflecting on a day gone, hopefully meaningfully spent and usually with glass of wine in hand.  

Here are some ideas on how to get the most out of your home verandah.

 Eating al-fresco in the warmer months is a terrific way to utilise your verandah.  
Our client loved big family get togethers and so we created the perfect space for her on the back verandah with screening blinds to protect from the wind and also add privacy.

Marble Top Dining Table teamed with hand forged iron chairs - Charcoal Interiors

Quality screening helps keep the wind out and also creates an outdoor room for family gatherings.

Below, our clients new renovations included this fabulous verandah space with plenty of area for al-fresco dining.

Caneline outdoor setting - Charcoal Interiors.

When you are wiling away the hours, make sure its in comfort.

We recommend a chair with lots of quality cushioning, and enough room to tuck your legs under.

Here, our client chose a stylish French inspired chair for her spacious verandah.

Chair and large metal urn - Charcoal Interiors

A Swing Chair. What a way to relax and unwind. The ultimate indulgence for those with enough room.  
This customised piece has been professionally hung, so be sure to find the right person for the job to avoid nasty surprises.

Plants and pots can really add an earthy vibe to your verandah.

Try not to overwhelm the space with too many pots and plants.  A couple of really stunning, well placed urns filled with greenery are spot on.

Whatever you decide to do with your verandah space, make sure you enjoy it.  Take the time to chill, reflect and love being in your space!

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