Thursday, September 1, 2016

Get Nina Proudmans Offspring Bedroom Look

Don't you just get so inspired by Offspring!  The clothes...the interiors...we really love the show so much.
Last night something caught our eye that we HAD to share with you!
The bedding on Nina Proudmans bed is available right here at Charcoal Interiors.
If you love sumptuous linens in the most beautiful of neutral tonings, then look no further as we have the exact range available via direct order.  So whether you live in Brisbane, or Interstate we can arrange for your order to be delivered to you, or pick up straight from the Showroom.

Either drop past to our showroom at 41 Brookes Street.  Fortitude Valley Brisbane, or give us a call on 07 38526002 and we can give you all the details and info on this range of divine linens.

Visit our website for more info on how to find us

Thursday, June 30, 2016


...60 SECONDS WITH....


Being a Designer at Brisbane Based Interior Design Firm, Charcoal Interiors means devoting a lot of time to clients and all things creative.

Today, I managed to grab Cathie for 60 seconds to find out what makes her tick.

1.       If you could use just one colour...what would it be?
Can you ever just use one colour, can I have two?? I know I love shades of blues and greys …. Depending on the space and the application, they can stabilise and enrich the palette of a room simultaneously, giving a relaxed and subtle sophisticated feel to the space.

2.       Favourite band.
Queen! Love their rock ballads.
To relax, I don’t mind a bit of David Bowie or Matt Corby and lately I’ve been listening to Heart too!

3.       Best book you ever read.
Chocolat by Joanne Harris. It is richly enchanting and hard not to get completely lost in the chapters.

4.       Dream holiday destination.
Italy! The culture, history, architecture, food and wine…. What’s not to love!

5.       On Friday nights I................
Love to chill out with my family and catch up with what’s been happening during the week and best plan of attack for the weekend ahead, all over a nice glass of red and homemade pasta! TGIF!

To book your Interior Design Appointment with Cathie and Colette Venardos
Phone 07 38526002

or click through the link for all the information on Charcoal Interiors, with photos of our projects, testimonials and a complete rundown on our extensive services.

Tuesday, May 31, 2016


Let our friendly, experienced Team help you with all your home decoration needs.

Based in Brisbane and with over 30 years experience in Interior Design, we have helped our clients create stunning home havens over the years.

Would you like to know more about our Interior Design Services?  Click on the link below for our website and more information on custom furniture, drapery, upholstery, interior design services  and more!

Interior Design Brisbane

Interior Design Brisbane.  Charcoal Interiors.

Interior Design Brisbane

Charcoal Interiors. Interior Design Brisbane Queenslander Project

interior design brisbane

Charcoal Interiors. Interior Design Brisbane. Queenslander Project. Custom Made Dining Table and full renovation and design.

Interior Design Brisbane

Charcoal Interiors. Interior Design Brisbane. Drapery and Upholstery Service Project.

Interior Design Brisbane

Charcoal Interiors. Interior Design Brisbane. Queenslander Herston Renovation Project.

Interior Design Brisbane

Charcoal Interiors. Interior Design Brisbane. Interior Design Project. Art Consultation.

Interior Design Brisbane

Charcoal Interiors. Interior Design Brisbane. Customised Library/Study including Library builtins, ladder and custom made desk in oak.

Interior Design Brisbane

Interior Design Brisbane. Charcoal Interiors. Full Built ins and cabinetry. Office shelving and library.

Interior Design Brisbane

Interior Design Brisbane.  Custom made library cabinetry.  Queensland Homes Renovation.

For more on our full Interior Design services Brisbane, contact us on 07 38526002.  We can make your dream home a reality starting today.

Wednesday, May 18, 2016



Interior design brisbane

Charcoal Interiors Designer - Cathie Venardos - with the finished product.

Why throw out a perfectly great piece of furniture with old bones, when you can restore it and in turn transform at the same time?
Our Interior Design service is flexible and accommodating.  This project was put together for a Brisbane couple who wanted to take their home transformation one room at a time.  We are always happy to work in with our clients and so Stage One began!

The scope of works was new carpets, paint colours and then a full window treatment service with curtains and shutters.



Pieces of sentimental value were set aside for restoration.
If you have a piece of furniture that you really love or that holds sentimental value and memories, we can not only restore it, but also bring it inline to a more updated look.
This tall chest of drawers had great bones and was a very solid piece.


Our workshop manager John, set to work restoring it with a new, updated look that our clients love.
The bedside tables were transformed and now take pride of place in the guest room.

interior design Brisbane 


interior design brisbane


We are the only Interior Design House in Brisbane with our own Workshop, giving us superior quality control enabling shorter lead times for you, our valued client.
Call us today to discuss how we can assist you with transforming your home.
Charcoal Interiors.
Interior Design Brisbane.
Phone. 07 38526002 

Wednesday, April 27, 2016

Long Weekend Living Room Project. Plus Win A Prize For Mum!

interior design service brisbane

It's a long weekend here in Queensland and how about putting that extra day to good use with a Living Room re-style?

Here are our top tips to creating a functional and stylish Living Room space with our Top Freshen Up Tips.

interior design service brisbane
Project by Charcoal Interiors

1. Furniture placement is key!  Too much furniture can also make the space appear cluttered and messy.  Create symmetry and harmony with correct furniture placement. Finding it hard to throw out or donate those knick knacks?  Pop them in a box and if you haven't unpacked them within 6 months it's time to donate to a worthy cause.  If you have an unusually shaped room and are at wits end then give our design team a call, they can arrange an in-house appointment.  

2. Learn the art of layering.  Ever walked into a room and you're not quite sure exactly what it is, but the room just 'feels' amazing?  The trick is layering with textures and accessories, drapes, rugs, soft furnishings etc...  Look to our website for inspiration, and we highly recommend Pinterest as a source of inspiring ideas.  

interior design service brisbane
Project by Charcoal Interiors

3.  Add some artwork.  Art is in the eye of the beholder so there are no hard and fast rules here.  If you are unsure of what kind of art you like just start googling art in the colours and styles that you have admired in the past.  Before you know it, you will be leaning towards a contemporary, art deco, abstract or impressionist style.  Keep it simple by starting with a striking black and white print if you are really unsure, but the key is to choose something that you really connect with.  That's the magic of's personal and connects you with your emotions and feelings.

4.  Balance your television size to the space.  Televisions are a part of every day life so we are not saying to get rid of it, but if the space is small choose a television size to suit. 

interior design service brisbane

5.  Lighting.  Create a soothing, ambient mood with a floor lighting. A space that is too brightly lit can detract from relaxation.  Ideally floor lamps should be placed either next to, behind or between sofas. 

interior design service brisbane

6.  Start small.  If you feel overwhelmed and confused with where to start, then just begin with a few small changes.  Take a step back, live in the space for a week or two and then progress further.  Great interiors are not created in a day with a quick fix.  We believe in sourcing unique collectables, fabrics and eclectic pieces to really bring your personality into the space.  Contact our design team today for more information on our Interior Design service.


interior design service brisbane

We value your opinion and have found a fabulous way to collect your suggestions and thoughts on our business....what you like, what you don't like and what you think we should do more of and make Charcoal Interiors an even better shopping and design experience!
Just click on our survey link below and answer a few quick questions about what you would like to see in our showroom.  It might be more art, books, ceramics, collectables or perhaps something else that we haven't thought of?

Enter to win a selection of the Witches Chase scented soy candles instore.
Winners will be drawn 3rd May 2016 just in time for Mother's Day.
All survey participants will remain anonymous so just email us with your name and details so we can put you in the draw.

Tuesday, March 15, 2016

Introducing Sarah Schembri Ceramics products


We will be introducing Sarah Schembri Ceramics soon to our Brisbane store.

Now there will be somewhere in Brisbane to purchase Sarah Schembri Ceramics!  Sarah is well known for her work with Chef Pete Evans and the Asana restaurant, Donna Hay and others.

Her divine ceramics are literally works of art, crafted by hand and simply stunning.
We look forward to introducing the range to our showroom.
Please contact us if you wish to know more.

Stay tuned!
The Charcoal Interiors Team.
41 Brookes Street. Brisbane.

Wednesday, March 9, 2016



custom made dining tables brisbane

Dining Tables are a speciality of ours.  

Workshop Manager, John, crafted this bespoke Round Dining Table for a lovely client who wanted something really special.

custom made dining tables brisbane

So why choose a round dining table and what are the benefits?

Round dining tables are perfect for small spaces and you don't knock yourself on sharp corners.

We have friends with a round dining table in the formal dining room and a rectangular one in the kitchen area and they gravitate nightly to the round one in the formal dining room...why?..because it is a lot more intimate and cosy, encouraging good conversation and family friendly mealtime!

You can fit more people around a round table and with more comfort too, especially with a pedestal base as it provides more legroom!

custom made dining tables brisbane

All the work on this beautiful table was done by Workshop Manager John on-site, here at Charcoal Interiors 41 Brookes Street. Fortitude Valley.

custom made dining tables brisbane

John uses time honoured artisan techniques when making your table, a refreshing change in a world of flat pack products of questionable quality.

custom made dining tables brisbane

More of our bespoke, hand crafted dining tables and previous projects can be viewed on our website.

custom made dining tables brisbane

We currently have a range of dining tables on our showroom floor for your viewing and purchase.
Contact us today or visit for a chat about how you can own one of our exclusive dining tables.

41 Brookes Street.  Fortitude Valley. Qld. 4006
Phone - 07 38526002