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Well, it is already the month of February.  
At the start of each year we seem to set similar essential goals such as health, finance, getting ourselves more organised (that's a hard one), but what about HOME?  Home welcomes us at the end of the day when we can feel like we are holding the weight of the world on our shoulders. 
A beautiful, comfortable home can really enhance your life and mood so if those things are important to on.

Time is one commodity that we dont seem to have a lot of these days.  We have come up with a very simple, step by step plan for freshening your space.  And it can all be done in a weekend.  Sit down, have a plan.  Source some key pieces and perhaps buy them during the week in readiness for your home space transformation this weekend.

....Get Excited About Freshening Your Home Space With These 5 Steps....

1. Update your Accessories and Soft Furnishings

Cushions and throws are a great way to make changes.  They also can be the perfect seasonal transformation tool.  Warmer tones and textures for the cold months and smooth cool tonings for Summer/Spring..  Cast your eye over the space and take away the 'tired' pieces that you may want to donate, give away or perhaps put in storage for another time.  Refresh with cushions, throw blankets, a new lamp or inspirational feature piece for the coffee table.  
Cushion Cover Available through Peacock and Penny

An array of the possibilities available at Peacock and Penny

Have you seen our range of gorgeous, unique cushion covers available now in our online shop Peacock and Penny?  We use exclusive European fabrics for our products.  If you love the unique and shun the 'same-same' then get clicking and check out our array of beautiful items.  

2. Kitchen Spruce Up

Let's face it, we spend a lot of time in our kitchens and yet we can be completely oblivious to their degeneration.  It's not until we take the time to stand back and have a really good look around, that we come to terms with the shocking truth, that.....Ewwwwww...things need a bit of a freshen up!  Creative cooking becomes so much more pleasurable in a clean, renewed space.

Contemporary cool. Uncluttered bench tops and downlights fitted, 

Charcoal Interiors Kitchen Project

Replace the light fittings.  Shop around and you will be surprised what is available and how easy it can be to swap them around.  Take the doors off your top cupboards.  This can create the look of more space.  Just unscrew the doors and fill in the holes.    Treat yourself to new crockery, especially if you are not happy with what is on display in your newly exposed cupboard shelves (see above).  Change your kitchen blinds or curtains.  Roman blinds always add a slick air of elegance. Replace your bench accessories with new rustic style cutting boards, oil jars etc...  Put your toaster and other appliances away in cupboards out of sight.  And if you have one of 'those' paper piles in the corner of the kitchen bench that you know will never go away no matter how hard to try to be organised, purchase an interesting tray or basket for their storage.

3. Paint

An inexpensive coat of paint can completely transform a room.  Try to go with a classic shade.  We steer away from trend colours and encourage the use of classics that will stand the test of time and outlive trend. 

(c) Patrick Goossens via Flickr

 Ask our team for a home consultation if you are serious about wall colour changes but perhaps unsure on how and where to start.  An expert can take the stress out of the process and save you making an expensive mistake too.

4. Get Rug-ged

                   Our designer Cathie can take you through all the rug options available

A great rug is the key foundation piece to any room. Some designers even go as far as to start with the rug as the beginning of their process with the remainder of the room being built around it.  We believe  that the rug is a great way to update a room and also give the space a facelift.  We offer the full service when it comes to rugs.  From choice suggestions that will compliment your room, to the delivery of your rug so you can see it in the space.  We want you to absolutely love everything about our products and service.

5.  Swap

Swapping cushions from the living room to the bedroom and they work in perfectly with the throw

Artworks from the living room were hung in the guest room, cushions and hall chairs swapped for a fresh new look!

We love to play! Have you ever thought of swapping pieces from one room the other?  The bedroom cushions may look terrific swapped with those on your sofa!  Artworks can be swapped from room to room too as can rugs and other soft furnishings.  Get your head into a creative space this weekend.  Paint, Swap and Update.  

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