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Are you drawing a blank when it comes to the question of what to do with your bare wall at home?
The cluttered photo frame look has been done to death and is not for everyone.  Here we give you some creative alternatives to inspire a space with the 'wow factor'.


For the budding photographer in a lot of us, having your faves developed into oversized prints, professionally framed and hung can not only showcase your skills whilst creating a slick and clean lined look, but it also is a daily reminder of how very clever you are.

(c) Image via Homedit

We love the drama of this incredible piece of art against the wall.  Here is an effective example of art giving a splash of colour to what would have otherwise been a very monochromatic look.

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Charcoal Interiors Project

Our design team used a very special European printed Wallpaper for this wall, which turned it from blank and clinical to glamorous and captivating.
The inclusion of the mirror, brings a focus and striking point of difference.

Charcoal Interiors Project

Instead of slapping posters of cars all over the walls, the design team hung book themed wallpaper in this pre-teen boys bedroom.

via Arte'

Another example of how wallcoverings can add depth and interest to a wall.

This panel themed wallcovering takes charge of the room and really makes a sophisticated statement.  Who said that you just had to limit yourself to  just picture art on walls?

Via Arte'

Do not be fooled.  This is wallpaper at its very, very finest.  Pearly glass mosaic patterning interlaced with golds and silvers.

This beautiful panoramic mosaic patterned wallpaper is a stunning bare wall alternative.  Who wouldn't want this in their home?


A large statement mirror will add depth to the room.

An intricately framed oversized mirror will add glamour.

(c) The Pink Chalkboard blogspot

Pairing two mirrors together adds the wow factor and creative edge.

Charcoal Interiors

This large arched mirror (above) brings an Art Deco lilt to the space whilst also adding depth.  You almost feel like you are looking through and past it.  Note: make sure your mirrors reflect back something beautiful (besides you of course).

Via Home Beautiful

By pairing these two Moroccan themed Mirrors together on the outdoor patio area, it not only looks amazing, but creates a spacious feel which is a bonus in small space living.

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