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Your Master Bedroom is a place for inspiration, peace, rest and intimacy.  Does your bedroom reflect this?
There is one room in the house where I can go and I always know that there will be privacy and reasonable peace and bedroom.

With our home being pretty full most of the week with 6 to 7 young adults residing there at a time, I find that having a space to relax, read, watch a movie on my note a necessity.  I have tried using the spare room from time to time, but it's just not the same as my bedroom with its comfy bed, desk for working at etc...  Here are some tips on how to make your bedroom your cosy sanctuary.

1. De-clutter. First of all stand in the doorway and take a good long look at the space.  The areas that you don't like the most will be evident.  Tackle clutter, as sitting in mess is not conducive to calm and intimacy.  Get rid of anything superfluous, old books under the bed, the pile of shoes in the corner, work papers and anything that you are not using throw it out or pack for storage.  Our rule is that if you haven't used it in 6 months it has got to go!

Charcoal Interiors Project

Via Chivasso

2. Sofa or Chair. Add a sofa or feature chair big enough to snuggle into and tuck your legs up into.  Curl up into a comfortable sofa.  Space permitting, a luxuriously appointed sofa can offer the perfect rendezvous point for you and your partner to catch up in peace after a big day at work over a glass of wine.

Charcoal Interiors Project

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3. Hang Art.  Art is such a personal extension of self and because of this, you can select a piece that really reflects who you are and how you see the world.  

Charcoal Interiors Project - Art by Emma Sheldrake

Project credit via Athena Calderone

4.  Add an Upholstered Bedhead.  Bedheads can be the focal part of a room if executed well. We love the idea of an upholstered bedhead in sumptuous fabric, with a quality finish and it's all part of our design service. 

Charcoal Interiors Project

Photo and Project credit Petra Bindel

 Imagine being able to choose your own fabric to suit the space!  We can make this happen.  Just call or visit the website for more information.
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5.  Add A Desk.  The addition of a small desk to your sanctuary bedroom means you have somewhere to write in your journal, sketch, get creative, or catch up on paperwork in peace.  The key is to keep it uncluttered and an adornment of your favourite things ...but keep it minimal.

Custom Made Console Desk by Charcoal Interiors

6.  Invest in Quality Bedding.  Purchase quality bedding that will last a long time and almost always promotes a better nights sleep.  We recommend investing in sheet sets with a high thread count.  You CAN achieve that luxe sensory hotel experience in your own bedroom....the only thing missing will be room service!

Charcoal Interiors Project

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7. Window Treatments.  There's nothing more luxurious than beautiful drapes in your bedroom.  Besides from looking gorgeous, they also keep the harsh morning light out giving you more sleep time and ensure the full privacy that you need in your sanctuary.

8. Tranquil Colours. Walking into a room with a bright feature wall colour that kind of smacks you between the eyes is not our idea of tranquility or sanctuary.  

Project and photo via Athena Calderone

Try muted, natural, soft tonings. Why not look into wallcoverings? 

9. Lighting.  There is nothing worse than walking into a room with harsh, overly bright lighting, especially in the bedroom.  Invest in a couple of beautiful lamps for mood light, or look into having your lights converted to dimmers.  Well worth the investment.

Charcoal Interiors Project

10. Treat The Senses.  We love essential oil, in particular, oil blends.  Purchase a quality oil burner and invest in some glorious oil blends.  Fill your room with your favourite natural scents and make your bedroom your temple.

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For more information on our services, or to see more Charcoal Interiors Projects, check out our website.
We offer a full Interior Design service, including custom made furniture, drapery, wallcoverings, lighting, art consultation and more.

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