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Not everyone is lucky enough to move into the perfect place.
Some of us move around following our careers from state to to country. 
Then there are those of us who have had to, at some point, be where we were not expecting and its all a bit overwhelming and unsettling.
It's an old saying, but very true - Home Is Where The Heart Is.
So, how can you make your new place  really feel like home?
We give you some easy, quick steps to take towards falling in love with, and being happy with your new space.

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1. Clean.  We are big on creating a nice vibe and cosy, comfortable space to live in.  Starting with a good thorough clean of your new home will mean by the time you're finished not only will each area be sparkling and fresh, but you are also going to understand every single little nook and cranny.  You will also find that the time spent cleaning will give you time to really think about where you are going to place furniture and your favourite pieces, artwork etc....

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2.  Bedroom Priority.  Set your bed up.  Invest in a new set of bedding.  Spend some extra money on new pillows, new bed linen...a new fresh start and you will have somewhere to collapse after the end of day one.

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3.  Paint Colour.  Unfortunately, the trend of bright coloured feature walls can hang in the air for years to come.  You may be walking into a home that is more 'Technicolour DreamCoat' than sleek and simple.  Light neutral tonings are the best choices.  Keep it simple, light and fresh.

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4. Bathroom.  Unpack your toiletries, towels and bathroom accessories.  Once again, invest in some new fresh pieces that will really help to bring an air of luxe to your bathroom space.  Replace the showerhead.  Put your own personal stamp to the space.

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5. Pets.  Settle your pets in by setting up their bed, bowls and toys.  Take the time to reassure and give that extra love.  Pets can get really unsettled with a move.  They need to know you are there for them.

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6. Let's Get Technical.  Set up your internet and music.  Then that way you can listen to some cool tunes while you are painting over those bright coloured walls!

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7. Choose one room.  Rome wasn't built in a day.  There is no rush at all to completely settle into your new home, in fact it is beneficial to take things room by room.  Choose one room that you can really cosy up.  Work on it until you feel really happy to settle into the space.  We recommend starting with either your Bedroom or Living area.  Remove all boxes.  Add your furniture, art, accessories, throws, cushions, candles etc....escape the mayhem and mess of the rest of the house in your allotted haven.

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8.  Start Fresh.  We love the idea of being able to start fresh in the kitchen.  Head to the local food stores and stock up on fresh, healthy produce and a fresh, healthy start in your new space.

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9.  Walk the neighbourhood.  Take a walk around your new neighbourhood.  Introduce yourself to the neighbours.  Explore the parks, shops, cafes and restaurants.  Get excited about your new environs.  This is a good opportunity to take your dog for a walk too.  Acquaint yourselves with the local dog parks, and lets face it, there's no better conversation starter than your pooch!

10.  Invite.  Send out invitations to your housewarming for 3 weeks time.  This gives you time to get organised, and creates a goal and incentive to have it all done by.

Relax with a glass of bubbles and....Enjoy!

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