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It's interesting that with an initial client consultation in regards to renovations, when asked what they would like to achieve, or how they envisage the finished product to look, designers and builders can be met with an awkward silence followed by an audible gulp.

And who could blame people for that kind of response?  Renovating is a big step and of course, where do you start?

Why are you renovating?
Is it because your house is old?  Tired looking?  Is there not enough space or storage?  Has there been a new life changing event i.e new baby, changed family arrangements (blended family...think Brady Bunch) or are you wanting to invest and on-sell for some extra cash?

We suggest firstly that you start with a list of all the things that you don't like about your home.

Love being outdoors?

How do you live?  Do you love the outdoors?  Are you big on entertaining friends and family?  Or, do you just crave your own space?  Have a good long think about your lifestyle and all the ways that you live.  This will help with getting a clearer picture on what your needs and a starting point.

If you are anything like us, you have a Pinterest account with lots of pinned pictures reflecting your dream home vision.  Use this as your mood board, or cut out pics from magazines and start up an ideas book.  Sometimes it can be hard to explain what is in your head, so having something similar on hand is very helpful.

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What is not negotiable on your 'want list'.  How many bathrooms do you need to have?  Do you prefer separate toilet and bathroom?  Is a larger bedroom on your wishlist?  Hate the tiles in your newly purchased home?  Prefer open plan living to lots of small living spaces?  Before you know it your list will be longer than Matthew McConaugheys' Oscar Acceptance Speech!

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What is your budget?  Silly budgets, but still very important to have a clear idea of how much you are willing to spend.  There are lots of hidden costs to consider, which is why its important to enlist the help of an experienced builder hand in hand with a good design team.

Will all the changes inevitably add value to your home?  Ask us about what is going to add value to your residence.  Your intention may be to live in your newly renovated space for many years to come, but if you do end up selling, its important to ensure you are able to recoup the cost of your renovations.  

Is it going to be reasonable to extend out to the front, side or rear of your house?  Have you considered an extra storey?  Moving upwards rather than outwards means keeping your garden just as it is and preserves your outdoor space.

Colette and Cathie Venardos - Charcoal Interiors Design Team
And lastly, get your hands on a really great builder and Interior Designer.  Find someone that you can work with and you have confidence in.
Ask to see some of their previous projects.  In this day and age with websites you will find a good designer and builder have a portfolio you can check out.
Ask lots of questions and ensure they take the time to get to know you and ask loads of questions too because a home is really a reflection of you and your lifestyle.  You want to enlist the expertise of somebody that really 'gets' you.

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