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PERFECTING THE BACHELOR PAD - Your Unofficial Business Card

Image credit - Andrew Martin are a man about town wanting to impress.  No ties.  Great job and looking for more to show from the toils of your labour than a nice car.  Perhaps your circumstances have changed dramatically...suddenly single, new home and where on earth to start with creating the perfect bachelor pad for you?

New Farm Warehouse Apartment

You may want to retreat, reflect and recharge?  Or perhaps you are looking for the perfect space to entertain and enjoy your new found freedom? Your environs do say a lot about you, and it has been suggested that the bachelor pad is your 'unofficial business card' so its important to make a great first impression.  But where to start?  

Image credit - Andrew Martin

1.  Hire an Interior Designer!  If you are unsure where/how to start, don't have the time, or perhaps just want to leave it all to the experts? Then enlisting the services of an Interior Designer just takes all the stress away. 

 Our designers have experience in creating incredible home spaces for the man about town.  You will absolutely love our custom made 'Peter' chair for starters.

Charcoal Interiors project - 'Peter' Chair

2.  Steer well clear of cliche' colour schemes.  We're not entirely sure why the combination of black with contrasting red draws some men in like an ice cold Grolsch on a Friday at 5, but it can, and it's all kinds of wrong. Resist the urge to buy the same of everything just to save time and because it's easy. 

Image credit- Andrew Martin

  So, say no to themes and  trendy colour schemes. Too much 'matchy-matchy' tends to look cheap and outdated, not the look you are wanting to achieve when entertaining clients, friends, colleagues etc... Think warm tones, taupes, charcoals and step out of the square with a stunning textured wallcovering to really create the wow factor and impress.

3.  Identify the main functions of your space.  Are you big on entertaining?  Do you prefer to come home, put your feet up and just relax?  Identifying what is important to you and your lifestyle plays a big part in creating a really inviting home.  

Charcoal Interiors Project

A truly epic bachelor pad is all about comfort and intimacy.

New Farm Penthouse

4. Creating balance between the masculine and the feminine.  There is a big difference between a stylish bachelor pad and the outdoor shed 'man cave' complete with bulging to the brim, sticker resplendent, beer fridge and footy trophy shrine. 

Image via Hooked on Walls

 Balance between the soft and the masculine is achievable and by mixing softer, subtle touches against a hard, edgy vibe can create the perfect eclectic mix of masculine and softness.  

For example, the right Chandelier can be sexy and masculine.

image via pinterest -

A beautiful rug, or animal hide on polished concrete or floorboards.

Image via Pinterest

Try mixing a leather feature chair with a super comfortable sofa in contrasting textural fabric and cushions.  Executed to perfection (below) by Elvis Restaino, the creator of superstar celebrity Gerard Butlers New York apartment renovations.

Image source credit -

Insert self serving, indulgent image of Gerard Butler here.....just because.  The chair is nice too I suppose :-)

An example (below) of the successful melding of masculine with the leather chair, Ancestral Painting, Rug and custom made timber desk against the light contrast of wall panelling detail and library cabinetry.  (All by Charcoal Interiors)

Study - complete project by Charcoal Interiors

Don't forget to have a bit of fun with it all.  Your home should reflect your personality.

Image credit - - sourced via Pinterest

Charcoal Interiors - Custom Made Barstools

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