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Charcoal Interiors Project

With the Easter break upon us, there will hopefully be time for fun, relaxation, family and perhaps some time left over for a home project?

A couple of months ago, we had a client who just wanted to give her home a spruce up for sale.  The interior was looking fab after our design teams magic, however the exterior of the home needed a freshen up.

Charcoal Interiors Project

Our client was really surprised at the few small touches made, which truly impacted the entire look of the home and made for an early sale too.

Most times, a set of fresh eyes on a home is all it takes to identify key issues that need addressing.  First impressions are very important to prospective buyers if you are looking to sell.  

Did you know that there is a number one sure fire way to improve your homes street appeal by 100%???  Read on for this great tip and more!

1.  Firstly, take a good, critical look at your home from the outside.  Stand on the kerb and take a good long look.  Take some photos of the problem areas.  Not only will the photos serve as a reference when you are at the paint shop or hardware (see below) but they also will be a great way to compare against the new refreshed look and all the hard work you have put in.

Image credit Andrew Rennie

2. Front Door.  Your front door is in some cases one of the focal points of your home.  Would it benefit in a new paint job?  Or perhaps a replacement?  There are many options available.  We recommend getting some professional advice when it comes to door replacement.  Your local hardware or specialist door retailers can help with advice.

Image credit Saulk61 via Flickr

3. Old Hardware.  Replacing old hardware, such as house numbers, light fixtures, door knobs and knockers etc...can all give your home the kerb appeal lift you are wanting.  We recommend for the more traditional style homes that you stick with oiled bronze type finishes, and keep to the brushed silver/nickel finishes for more contemporary style abodes.
4.  Garden Lighting.  Landscape lighting for kerb appeal not only brings a beautiful mood to your garden at night time, but it also provides security and safety.  Try solar options without the messy wires. Viewing your home at night from the outside, also can give you an indication of what needs to be attended to. 

Image credit -

5.  Letterbox makeover.  Is your letterbox absolutely ancient?  There is no point putting in all the efforts above and leaving your old high school project letterbox to ruin the aesthetic!  Either give it a fresh coat of paint and a new shiny house number, or start shopping for a new replacement.  Keep the style clean and simple.  Themed letterboxes are out.  The golden rule is to keep appearances relatable to the majority.

6. Garden Beds.  Once again, a critical eye is key here.  Pull out anything that is scrappy and looking less than tip top.  Freshen up garden beds with beautiful blooms and a scattering of bark chips to enhance the greenery.  If your garden borders are stone or brick, give them a clean.  Alternatively if your borders are old and tired looking, upgrade to a new edging system.  Add a water feature for the real wow factor!

1800's Queenslander project by Charcoal Interiors

7. Paint Job!  Did you know that giving your home a fresh lick of paint on the outside, is the number one best way to give your home the best kerb appeal!?  
Our design team recommends sticking with subdued netural colours which will appeal to the majority.  Stay clear of expressing yourself through lots of colour combos which will date if you are staying, and deter if you are selling.    
Keep it simple and tonings muted.  

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Enjoy your Easter break!  Relax, have some fun with family and friends and we hope you use our guide to either get your home 'kerb appeal' ready for sale, or simply to enjoy for yourself!

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