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Have you ever dreamt of building your own home to your exact specifications and then having it fitted out with brand new furniture throughout?
What can be a dream for some, is now a reality for our latest client.
Torn between the city and the country, our client decided to retain her residence in town and build a home on acreage for weekend retreats and holidays to sate the yearning for the country lifestyle that she also enjoys.
The client brief was Timeless, Quality, Easy Maintenance with a mix of Modern and Long-Lived.  She also loves the Asian influences but didnt want them to overpower. 

 Handcrafted Middle Eastern Rug with Custom Made Sofa and Ottoman in Luxurious European Velvet

The design team entered into this project with gusto and organised all the interior finishes and furniture, accessories, drapery etc...  The kitchen and bathrooms were given clean lines with elegant neutral tonings and quality fittings throughout.

Clean line bathroom and kitchen with quality fittings.

The very large expanse of window area in the home was treated to an open weave, linen/cotton mix for the drapes.  The views from all windows are so beautiful that the weave allows access to the outside beauty but also maintains the privacy within when required.

Custom Made Console Table by Charcoal Interiors. Quality Drapery which still lets the outside in, yet maintains privacy. Black Cane Tango Chair available now also through Charcoal Interiors.

Charcoal Interiors Custom Made Dining Table.

Custom Made Leather Feature Chair by Charcoal Interiors

The additions of quality rugs with simple upholsteries.  Custom Made dining table, tub chair, sofas and ottoman in luxurious European velvet, give this retreat warmth and character reflecting the tastes of our client.
We were thrilled to be involved in this project.  

Colette and client.

Colette says "For us, standing in the home when everything is installed and ready for the client to move in and seeing the look of happiness on their face is the biggest buzz of all".  "We look back to when we had the architectural plans out on the table, discussing furniture placements and aspects now...standing in the finished product".  "It's extremely satisfying and rewarding to Cathie and I".

All Products, Services, Furniture etc...Available via Charcoal Interiors Brisbane

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Hands up if you love Cocktails, Sunshine, Holidays, Beaches, Tropical Settings, Dining Out and being Pampered!!.....Aha!...Lots of hands... :-)

Palm Cove with the Queen Mary in the foreground.

Well, if you love all these things then you are going to love Palm Cove in tropical North Queensland.  
A month or so ago, Pete the Greek and I were bogged down with the kids and work and an out of control little puppy (who has now eaten through a door....but thats another story...), when I was doing the usual multi-tasking thing of eating breakfast, paying the bills online and directing the family traffic before school/work, when the God of the Internet (who I think may be named Dave...) sent me via email a list of holiday specials in North Queensland for some ridiculous discount that we just couldn't refuse.  So...drab morning went to fab morning when Pete just said book it!...before we even had the chance to look at where we were staying.
Needless to say, our choice The Sarayi in beautiful Palm Cove was an outstanding one. 

Thats Me Surveying the Lay of the Land from our balcony :-)

 Collected from the airport by the bubbly  Karen there was lively chatter for the 20 minute commute to the hotel.  Greeted by Vanessa the manager and her little dog Lily, we just felt very welcome and surprisingly at home....which is pretty hard when you have just met strangers and in unaccustomed surroundings, but this boutique hotel right on the beach front is one special gem of a place.
Our rooms were super spick and span clean and had everything we needed.  Rooftop pool at our disposal and great restaurant The Rising Sun downstairs where they make THE BEST lime margueritas, and run by Award winning chef Nick Holloway (also head chef at the well respected NuNu restaurant).  Nick recently appeared with chef Poh on her show Pohs needless to say we had top class food, wine and umbrella drinks at our fingertips.

The Rising Sun on Urbanspoon

The Rising Sun Bar and Restaurant

There is nothing better than booking accommodation online and then being happy with absolutely everything from the beginning to the end.  This was our experience at Sarayi.  Palm Cove is our latest favourite place to visit and we are looking forward to coming back again and again.
Thank you to all the staff at Sarayi and Rising Sun.  We also dined at a few other great restaurants during the weekend...pretty much everywhere has something delicious on offer.  
Ahhhh....until next time.....
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Asparagus is such a decadent treat.  I love it!  And its still in season.  So get in while its still fresh, and try this super easy recipe for Parmesan Asparagus Spears.
These are a great side dish and pack a statement visually and the flavour is divine.  A combo of two of my fave foods...asparagus and cheese....mmmmmmmm....

Via Healthy Food Ideas

Crispy Parmesan Asparagus Sticks
1 bunch of asparagus
2 egg whites
1/4 cup plain flour
1 cup seasoned breadcrumbs
1/4 cup parmesan cheese
salt and pepper
Preheat oven to 425 degrees. Lay a wire rack on a baking sheet and coat with non-stick spray.
Snap off the tough ends of each asparagus spear. On two separate plates, add the eggs whites (lightly beaten) and the panko + flour + cheese. Season the panko mixture with salt and pepper if desires. Coat each asparagus spear in egg whites, then lay in the panko mixture and thoroughly cover. If the panko won’t stick, dip back in the egg whites and roll in panko once again. Lay each spear on the wire rack.
Bake at 425 for 15 minutes, or until golden brown and crispy.

Everybody loves a cocktail/mocktail.  Those little umbrella garnishes really get me going.  Even dipping the toes in the blow up kids pool on a hot day can feel like the Palazzo Versace if you have cocktail in hand.
Since Summer just wont go away yet here in Brisbane, we can officially keep the spirit going with the Blue Day Cocktail.  A mixture of White Rum, Curacao and Grapefruit juice...break out the Harry Belafonte CD, paddle away and enjoy your weekend!

1 x measure White Rum
.5 measure Blue Curacao
1.5 measure Grapefruit Juice
Top up...with Soda
Just stir...and serve in a nice tall glass....

Be sure to visit us this weekend for our BIG...HUGE...GIGANTIC..Sale!
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Sale finishes tomorrow (Saturday 10th March).
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