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It's Autumn and here at Style In The City we aim to keep you up to date with all things beautiful in design, plus sumptuous seasonal recipes, our latest cocktail finds and more.
We love classic and timeless design to luxuriate in.  Like your favourite little black dress...some things just never go out of fashion and you find yourself reaching for the classic again and we do in design.
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Welcome to our latest arrival....this massive stone, hand carved Buddha on a separate base.
We watched while holding our breath as our delivery man 'aka' Mr Muscles, actually moved this statue (which we reckon is around 300 - 400 kilos...give or take a hundred kilos....) by himself!
Afterwards...we joked about it not looking right in the that spot....hmmmm...not impressed!



Our 'Out and About' blog section is purely for the purpose of promoting quality Australian businesses that we have had the fortune to stumble upon.  Our motto is that "If you cant say anything nice, then you shouldnt say anything at all."  So, its with great pleasure this week, that I take you on a little mental journey to beautiful seaside Mooloolaba and our experience at 'Bella Venezia' Italian Restaurant.

It's hard to quantify perfection, and so to do this story justice you really do have to make it a priority to dine there next time you're in that neck of the woods.  But, suffice to say, the whole experience on the night we dined there was magic and I will do my best to tell the story without waffling on.....
Firstly, myself, Pete the Greek and 2 good mates Jac and Richie (it was Richies twas our treat) couldnt decide on where to eat...always a  quandry, expecially for the birthday boy who has an issue with Pepper.  It's an allergy actually.  Any intake of pepper ends up with a very unhappy ending.  So, we decided a 'safe' meal would be Italian.  Thinking we would sit down to the usual pasta, pizza, garlic bread blah blah....but not at the Bella Venezia.

 Firstly, our very attentive waiter went out of his way to cater to our friends pepper me, we have been asked to leave by other establishments because it can be just 'too hard' for some chefs to be bothered creating something from scratch.  But, after a bit of to-ing and fro-ing with the chef, our waiter came up with some delicious options for birthday boy.  
Anyway, I really could go on and on about our meals and exactly what we had...but the highlights were the Ravioli topped with Moreton Bay bug, Steam Mussels (huuuuge plate full of mussels...a flavour explosion with perfect balance of herbs, tomato chili and white wine) and the Pizza Dolci (dessert)....OH....MY....GOODNESS.....The 'Pizza Dolci' is by far the best dessert I have ever my life....ever......mentally envision slices of banana on top of baked patisserie, finished with a rich butterscotch sauce and vanilla icecream. 

 This was simply divine.  I ate it all and would not share with Pete the Greek...and we share everything...because sharing is caring.
Also a quick mention of the wine list which was quite extensive with lots of imported and Aus options ( we had an imported Chianti) and a thank you to our waiter, who brought us complimentary Limoncellos because of a teensie wait on the Pizza Dolci (it takes a bit to bake...who cares!..we are on holidays!!...)...and we finished the night with the best Espresso Martinis I have ever had also....a night of of bests and we will most definitely be back to Bella Venezia.  In fact I would make a trip to just dine there.  This is no average Italian Restaurant.
Footnote: Jac and Richard stayed on an extra night and dined there again....and had the Pizza Dolci this time!
For more info on 'Bella Venezia' click on the link below.

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Faithful to its philosophy, Lizzo takes its inspiration from the diversity of cultures created by different civilisations and periods in history to launch its new collections. Through these, the company creates an exquisite and personal review of some of the most important decorating concepts of recent times. The result is a comprehensive catalogue of imaginative motifs, colours and textures, which enrich the latest trends in interior d├ęcor and share new ways of interpreting the world of design through a combination of elements of the past with utterly contemporary pieces. 
We adore working with Lizzo fabrics.  Heres a sample of the luxurious looks achievable...and the exciting part is that we help to make this happen for you!

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I discovered this recipe last year, but only just remembered about it whilst leafing through a magazine today.  
I love strawberries and this is such a simple recipe and looks flashy...great to cook up and take to a BBQ.  Its fresh and tarty sweet, so instead of serving with cream I like to just use a scoop of quality vanilla bean icecream.

Takes 26 minutes to prepare and just 6 minutes to cook.
Dust afterwards with icing sugar once it cools just before serving.  Otherwise the icing sugar just gets absorbed into the juices if you leave it on for too long.  The other thing I forgot to mention is that the other reason I love this recipe so much is that you get to use a pre-bought tart base!...I'm such a corner-cutter....


  • 150g (2/3 cup) caster sugar
  • 250ml (1 cup) water
  • 100g (3 tablespoons) strawberry jam
  • 30g (3 tablespoons) cornflour
  • 1kg sliced fresh strawberries
  • 1 x 23cm pre-made or bought sweet tart shell

Preparation method


1. Mix together sugar, water, jam and cornflour in medium to large saucepan.
Stir until boiling and then cook for 1 carefully.
Remove from the heat.

2. Stir in sliced strawberries until well coated and glossy.
Pour into prepared pie shell.

3. Chill until set and serve topped with quality vanilla bean ice cream or cream.  Dust with icing sugar when cooled just before serving.



Well, its Friday and that means Cocktails and I am ready and waiting for the clock to strike 5.30pm before busting out of here for a sweet, sweet umbrella drink.

If Pete the Greek and I had a dollar for every time we have recommended our new favourite after hours drink 'Rekorderlig' we would be substantially better off financially.
We have suggested this to so many friends and they love it.

Rekorderlig is a premium Swedish cider you can enjoy all year round.
There are quite a few flavours but so far we have only been able to source Pear, Wildberries, Strawberry and Lime and traditional Apple...but there is a Blackcurrant and a Winter Cider that you can have hot for winter (will be waiting with bated breath for that one....its a combo of Apple, Cinnamon and Vanilla)

And so, my little tip this week for cocktail Friday is this....a tried and tested new favourite of mine and the girls.

Rekorderlig Strawberry and Lime - Fill to half of your glass.
Top with sparkling mineral water.
Add a dash of vodka
Finish off with a nice thick slice of lime and ice
Swizzle around with a swizzle stick
Sip....and enjoy!
This is such a delicious drink....let me know what you think!..perhaps we should get shares in Rekorderlig!

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I just wanted to finish this weeks blog with a lovely photo I took this week of 3 generations of the Charcoal Team.
From left to right....Colette...Cathie and Colette (junior)...with Brian.  3 generations of the Venardos family working together.

Until next week....Love...Light and Laughter always!

The Charcoal Team

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