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We can be defined by our sense of personal style.  From how you dress, to how you fill your home with furniture, accessories and artworks etc...
Just as it is a good thing to refresh your wardrobe and personal look...clothes, hair and accessories, it can also be refreshing to freshen up a redundant interior.  Remember the 80's?....Big permed hair, Taffeta..fingerless gloves and plastic earrings just for starters.  Thank goodness fashion moved on from there!  You wouldn't still be dressing like that, but you may still be stuck in a personal design style rut at home.
The first step is to glean inspiration from some of the Primary Design Styles.  Here at Charcoal Interiors we don't like to define ourselves to just one look or style.  For us its all about creating an aesthetic balance and fusion of furniture, accessories, artworks and lighting, whilst capturing the spirit of the client.



A good Interior Designer can gently untwine you from an outdated look that you may still be hanging on to.
For example, we had a client who had loved the 'Bali' tropical look for many years.  The look and feel of the Balinese Style took her back to happy holidays, relaxing, warm memories etc...however she was ready to move on and extend her vision.
Just like an outdated hairstyle we do need to update our homes appearance and she was ready to move on.


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It is possible to let go of a specific 'look' and incorporate other design styles into your home.


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The Charcoal Interiors Designers are more than qualified to walk into a home and critique with a pair of Fresh Eyes, because seeing the space every single day you can become oblivious to the areas that are most in need of an update.  Enlisting the help of an Interior Designer can save you so much time and give your project a specific direction.


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Now you have made the decision to change, close your eyes....imagine what your dream home looks like.
Does it have a wide, open plan and modern kitchen with sleek lines?  
Are your leanings towards more modern architecture, or do you prefer the more traditional?
Are you a Bohemian at heart with a more relaxed, eclectic approach to style?


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If you are having style definition dilemmas and its all feeling a bit confusing, we recommend starting a collection of pictures from magazines or start a new Pinterest folder, dedicated to the new you!
Stay focussed and try to keep your ideas fresh and current.  Be conscious of falling back into the 'old way and old look'  This is all about a new transformative expression of self.


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Here's the good news!
It's natural to gravitate towards several different design styles.
Your tastes, just like your interests may be quite eclectic.  It's not only OK to embrace the differences, its encouraged!
But, beware!  There is a very fine line between a balanced aesthetic fusion and a visually confusing mess.
An experienced Interior Designer can help you bring it all together effortlessly and without stress.


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You can book our experienced Design Team for an in-home consultation, or alternatively in our workroom/showroom at 41 Brookes Street. Fortitude Valley.
Ph. 07 38526002
Appointment bookings are essential.
You can also view more of our design projects on the Charcoal Interiors website.


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