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Get Organised, Get Comfortable and Get Real in 2015 with our Top 5 Interior No-No's And How To Correct Them.


Welcome to the New Year of 2015 and to kick things off this week we would like to share with you a little list of the Top 5 No-No's when it comes to creating balance and comfort in your home.

Walking into a beautiful space is a bit like walking through the waft of a divine Jasmine scent on a Spring day.  It feels familiar, comforting and agreeable.  You just cant put your finger on exactly what it is, but somehow it just feels right.  However, a harmoniously balanced home does not just happen by chance.

There is a lot of advice out there about design and what 'not to do'.  So, we have reduced it down to the Top 5  simple suggestions we feel may help you to gain some direction with creating the space of your dreams this 2015.  

Rule Number One:
Avoid Too Much of the 'Same-Same'

We have all been there...walked into a home where there is a specific 'look' from a specific shop.  Everyone has their favourite retailer, but it can create that 'sameness' to an interior space.

This combination of textures (cow hide rug, European Velvet fabrics, silks, asian hand painted cabinetry etc...) create warmth and interest to the room.

Save up for a quality, timeless piece, like this divine feature chair.  The extra cost gives you a product that will endure the test of time and bypass the expendability of trend.

Add interest to a room by shopping around for unique pieces that you absolutely love, or save up for example, a feature chair in a sumptuous European fabric that you wont find 'just anywhere'.
Learn to master the art of eclecticism!  Unsure?  You can always enlist the help of experts.  A good Interior Designer will work with you to find the perfect pieces, and with so many products and resources at their fingertips, can take the time and stress out of it all for you.

Rule Number Two:
Keep The Flow

Make 2015 the year of De-Clutter.  Trinkets from travels and key pieces that you love to have around you are fine and also a representation of you and your personality.  

De-cluttering and refreshing key rooms, like the bedroom will not only look so much better, but also introduce a sense of calm and aid with a better nights sleep.

Too many accessories or misplaced furniture just creates clutter and sometimes can convey feelings of stress and confusion, which is definitely not the kind of vibe that you want to bring into your tranquil space.
Take a good look at the room.  Be brutal.  Remove what you can live without and either sell, give it away or if you just cannot bear to part with your treasures, store it for a reminisce.

Rule Number Three:
Light Your Space Correctly

The Rule of Thumb is usually 3 separate light sources in any main room space.  

Go all out with a chandelier that you absolutely love the look of.  They are worth the investment and really add old Hollywood style if placed correctly - ask for a designers help if you are unsure.

Vary heights and strengths of lighting to create mood for a restful, romantic yet functional surroundings.

Rule Number Four:
The Art of Hanging

We are not here to critique your choice in art, that's for sure.  Art is a personal choice and most purchases are borne from a sense of belonging to the piece.  However, if art is hung incorrectly...either too high, or too low, it can mess with the balance of the room.
An example of perfectly placed artworks by Dean Reilly.

Clients chose this Ancestral Painting as a point of interest in the study.

Aim for hanging at eye level as the rule of thumb.

Rule Number Five:
Get Started On Your List

During the holiday break I made a big list of all the home issues that I wanted to address for the year.  I was exhausted with previously making mental notes daily on 'this' wall colour that was irking me....or 'that' paint chip that constantly distracted!

A nook, uncluttered, yet still with interest and character.

A simple, elegant display.

It is empowering to take action and address what is not working in your home interior.  So, the spur of the moment idea to paint that wall a hideous green (because it just looked soooo fabulous in the magazine)...or the bright yellow pineapple lamp that was given to you 3 Christmases ago because your friend thought it would look so terrific on your bedside table??...all needs to go.
Start making a list and acting on it when you have time.  There is such a sense of achievement in crossing off all the issues that niggle and at the end of the year just think...your home will be just as you want it to be.

We built this shelving to our clients specifications, so they are now super organised, plus its a gorgeous feature in the study.

We offer expert advice on Interior Design, coupled with our impressive on-site furniture workshop, where we craft tables and furniture pieces of distinction.  

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