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In the realms of Interior Design, flexibility is the name of the game at all times.
We were thrilled to be contacted by clients who had previously enlisted the workshop to craft a beautiful Art Deco style dining table for their Spring Hill residence.
Happy with the result and service, this couple with a love of fine art asked the design team of Colette and Cathie Venardos to lend a hand with their next dilemma.
"Both upstairs and downstairs living areas were starting to get a bit tired, and our lovely clients wanted to create more of a rich, inviting space with a moody atmosphere, whilst also complimenting their extensive art collection", says Cathie.  They also had some great quality existing furniture and so this particular job involved retaining those whilst working in new pieces to compliment.


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The home had great architecture, and our clients had a penchant for Art Deco style. Cathie and Colette got to work taking into consideration the client wishlist, existing pieces and textures and architecture.
Firstly the upstairs rug was moved downstairs.
The perfect rug for the space was sourced, and created a starting point.

....AND AFTER!...

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The armchair had great structure and lines, so was re-upholstered in a rich, luxurious fabric.

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Boston Armchair in quality leather custom made by Charcoal Interiors.  Coffee Table custom made by the Charcoal Interiors local workshop.
Warmer tones in blues and greys were introduced.
"Working with brick can be tricky sometimes", says Cathie "So we softened the space with warmer tones in blues and greys"  Over the fireplace the addition of a stunning hand carved mirror sourced from France truly adds the wow factor.

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custom made timber furniture Brisbane

There was a bit of a swap around with the coffee table and side tables from upstairs being moved downstairs and utilised well there.
A new coffee table was crafted, curtains added and the existing ones used in another bedroom as they were still in great condition.

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Existing upstairs sofas and armchairs were re-upholstered, which is the beauty of buy quality furniture from the start.


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...AND AFTER!...

Downstairs the sofa and armchairs were replaced by new custom made (in Australia) product in a beautiful  colours and textures now lending itself to the mood and freshness that the client had expected.  A custom made ottoman looks great and adds to the comfort factor.

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custom made furniture fortitude valley brisbane

custom made ottoman in european fabrics via Charcoal Interiors Fortitude Valley

"With a lot of hard surfaces (tiles) it was important to keep it light and soft, so beautiful sheer drapes were a welcome addition" says Cathie
This is a space, previously avoided and now, utilised as a media/reading room/sanctuary.  Welcoming, fresh, and conducive to relaxation and enjoying the satisfaction of a long work week.
And so, what was once a home that was feeling a little tired is now oozing a more sophisticated ambience.

Our Interior Design Team is available to assist with your project, whether it be a complete home transformation, curtains and drapes, furniture selections, art work, lighting, colours and so much more, including our superior custom made furniture service.
We service Brisbane and surrounds.

Phone 07 38526002 for more information, or visit our website to view our extensive Projects section.

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