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Hello and its been a little while between blogs!
What, with Paris, and lots of exciting projects going on, its been such a busy time.  We also have lots of new changes coming up and can't wait to share them progressively with you over the coming weeks.

This week is a project that we featured on Instagram.  And it ended up being one of our most popular posts.  So, we thought, why not share it on the blog too.

The design team have been working on a home with beautiful views of the Brisbane River.  A contemporary house that was absolutely screaming for an introduction to warmth and character.
Visualise a contemporary rectangular dining room space incorporating a 7 metre wall...lots of treasured artwork to be hung and what to do?   A large tall cabinet was out of the question as the artwork needed the wall space. Our client brief was that she wanted something really stunning.  Something that would really bring the wow factor into the room with a European feel.  And so the girls in collaboration with our workshop manager, started the creative process...tossing around ideas, sketches and concepts. 

After much discussion, a decision was reached and sketches finalised.

Oak console custom made Interior Decorator Brisbane

Sketched by hand and excitedly approved by the client.

Oak timbers were selected for job because they can be stained to most hues and have a lovely 'flame' grain which lends itself well to the look we were trying to create for our client. Due to the length of each (2200), the legs needed to be in balance, reminiscent of a lute and with a hint of Danish influence. Well measured thought was given to the existing dining table.  Every detail was considered.  And so, two beautiful long consoles were crafted.  A pigeon pair no less, these Limited Edition pieces were the talk of the showroom while they waited for delivery.

Custom made oak console Brisbane bespoke furniture stores

And the finished products.  All carvings were done by hand and awaiting delivery.

This project embodies the meaning of Custom Made.  Your project, your specifications and ideas, working hand in hand with our team.....Voila!

We craft tables, consoles, built-ins, cabinetry large or small, benches, desks, parquetry inlays....all quality, all to your specifics. Check out our website for more examples.  We also have great examples of furniture crafted from old doors, gates etc...on the showroom floor right now...or until sold!

Charcoal Interiors
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