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Yes, its the last week of winter here and already it feels like Spring has been missed...its rather hot here today with a storm brewing on the horizon....Summertime...we are ready for you!


As usual the girls have sourced some beautiful new products for our new look showroom.
This week, we would like to share with you some of the smaller new arrivals.  

In particular we have been fortunate enough to source a limited amount of authentic round French Cheeseboards.  Patience has paid off after searching high and low for these over the past 12 months or so.  Although you can buy them brand new, ours are old and rustic, crafted the traditional amazing way to present your cheese selection or perfect for serving up pizza on.  Too pretty to hide away we like to display ours at home in the kitchen on a hook for all to see. 

 Available for a very limited time only, with price on application.  Contact us today to find out more...the last of our French Riddling Racks was sold this week, with no stock available for another 6 be quick!
Phone us on 07 38526002

Next, we have our stunning Bamileke side table in the black finish.
The traditional African Bamileke is crafted in Cameroon from the one tree trunk.  Available in assorted colours, we love it in the black.
Each piece is individually crafted by hand and therefore individual...use for a coffee table, or side table.  The perfect size and height.  We love it!

Here's a couple in situ - Photo credit to Elle Decor

Available now and in the showroom for viewing.  
59 Doggett Street.  Newstead.  Qld  4006.  Ph 07 38526002

And now to my personal of these walked out the door on the day it arrived!  This traditional metal pot is just one of those pieces that you could use in literally any room of the house.  Ageing has given the pot a very interesting patina that we are completely in love with.  Price on Application for this one...and its the last one quick before it goes to a design job!

The Bruxelles Armchair in crisp and fresh white Belgian Linen is not only pleasing on the eye but also comfortable and surprisingly spacious enough to really lounge in comfortably.
Timeless beauty.  Totally washable slip covers in Belgian Linen.  Available now in white and ecru.

All the above and so much more, available from Charcoal Interiors. 59 Doggett Street. Newstead. Qld.
Ph 07 38526002



For those who are new to our blog, firstly, I'm Jen and work as part of a family team with sister-in-law Cathie on the left and Mother-in-law Colette on the right (below).  People are surprised to find that we are all family and we also get along like a house on fire!
Colette and Cathie are the designers for Charcoal Interiors with over 40 years combined experience in the trade.  This is no 'fly-by-night' operation and the girls put their hearts and souls into bringing new life into your home...and this always starts with the presentation process to our client.

Time is spent with the client in their home space and then the girls collaborate...until they get the look and concept just right.  To say these girls are dedicated is an understatement.
Today, they set up for a client presentation.  Our clients are looking to update the look of their waterfront coastal home and importantly really bring together and give direction and personality to their home interior.

This gorgeous contemporary rug is the hero of one of the rooms. 

The girls prefer to actually present their concept and fabrics etc...rather than vision boards on a computer.  That way, our client gets to feel the textures, see the actual colours and most importantly the quality of our chosen fabrics etc...

Classic, sumptuous interiors is what we do best.  You can see just a small selection of the many projects completed by the team at Charcoal Interiors on our website.  Just click below to be taken to our project catalogue.  We are also contactable via our enquiry form on the website and will be happy to answer any questions that you may have.



A friend of mine is a big time Fennel lover.  I must admit I have only ever had it as a 'must have' ingredient with restaurant its not something that I would jump at on a menu....Oooooo I think I will just choose the Fennel salad....not really something that would ever pop out of my mouth so to speak..until now. I am a bit of a Fennel fan now after she prepared it for me as a side dish to some delicious crumbed Pork Cutlets...of which I have found a similar recipe and want to share it with you all.



1 and a quarter cups of plain flour
2 eggs
1 tablespoon milk
2 and a half cups of fresh sourdough or quality breadcrumbs
2 lemons, finely gated rind only
1 cup firmly packed flat-leaf parsley leaves roughly chopped
3 garlic cloves, finely chopped
4 pork cutlets, fat and bone trimmed
olive oil for shallow frying
2 large fennel bulbs, trimmed and very finely sliced and with the fronds put aside and reserved
Half a cup of extra virgin olive oil
2 tablespoons red wine vinegar
1/3 cup of whole egg mayonnaise
1 tablespoon capers, rinsed, drained and finely chopped
lemon wedges to serve

How to....

Preheat oven to 180 degrees celcius.  Line a baking tray with baking paper.  Put flour into shallow dish.  Whisk eggs and milk in a bowl.  Combine breadcrumbs, lemon rind, half the parsley, half the garlic, and sea salt and pepper to taste in a large plastic bag.  Lightly dust cutlets with flour then dip into egg mixture to coat.  Add cutlets one at a time to breadcrumb mixture.  Seal and press the crumbing mixture on to cutlets.  Transfer to a large plate.
Pour enough oil into a frying pan to reach a depth of 2cm.  Place over a medium heat.  When oil is hot, add cutlets and cook for 4 minutes on each side or until crumbs are golden.  Transfer to prepared tray and place in oven.  Bake for 10-12 minutes or until cooked through.  (Test the cutlets by pressing the centre - if they're firm, they're ready).
Combine remaining parsley, garlic, olive oil and vinegar in a bowl.  Season with salt and pepper and mix well, then add fennel.  Coarsely chop reserved fennel fronds and stir through salad.  Combine mayonnaise and capers with salt and pepper in another bowl.  Serve cutlets with salad, caper mayonnaise and lemon wedges.

Fennel has an anise flavour, and the more you cook it, the milder the flavour becomes.  The unusually strong flavouring of Fennel brings with it, the challenge of pairing a complimentary wine.
A nice crisp Sauvignon Blanc goes well with the Fennel due to its fresh, crisp, clean and grassy qualities.  There really is nothing nicer than a quality Sauvignon Blanc...chilled in a glass...gosh I am already salivating!
Below you will find our Sauvignon Blanc pairing suggestion for this dish.

Bon Appetit!


OK...I got my dates mixed up last week and thought that this blog would be the start of our Spring and Summertime features.  So, in fact THIS is the last of our wine review series and what a way to end...very appropriately with a crisp, clean and delicious Sauvignon Blanc tasting review.


David Bowley

Sauvignon Blanc has held its ground as the waves of Marlborough Sauvignon Blanc continue to flood the market.  Happily, Australia has stuck to its knitting, producing wines that have structure and not seeking to emulate the Marlborough style.  This variety is not going to go away any time soon...Adelaide Hills leads Margaret River at the head of the pack.  And this new found beauty by Vinteloper Wines has had our hearts all a flutter and thats not just because of its creator David Bowley :-)

Anyone who has driven through Adelaide CBD and the hills regions will know that vineyards are pretty much part of the permanent landscape and this is what drove David from an early age to eventually create his own range of wines - Vinteloper.
Since the first release in 2009, with grapes sourced only from friends vineyards, he is making highly sought after artisan wines of expression and credibility.
We love the Vinteloper Sauvignon Blanc from hand harvested and sorted grapes.  With super freshness on the palate and flavours of snow pea, passionfruit and lime this is a wine that has obviously been nurtured through the process...the proof is truly in the tasting.

Davids wines are available online and only at selected retail outlets due to the limited quantities produced every year.
For more info you can check out his website.



Anyone who enjoys poking around in the garden, would remember the iconic Colin Campbell who passed away this week after a short illness with great fondness.
Colin was the reason why the Roma Street Parklands are ....well...parklands and not some eye-sore.  Can you imagine the day he presented his vision to government...they must have thought he was mad....but boy doesnt it look so amazing and of course we will remember him every time we drive past or walk through it.  I know that every time I stick the old trowel in the dirt there will be a little smile for Colin.
Thanks Colin for your passion, knowledge and for making the world a better place by being a decent bloke...a true Australian that will be missed by many.


Until next week!...Love..Light and Laughter...
The Charcoal Team

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