Friday, November 12, 2010

Opulence in Wategos Byron Bay...Branson Gives the big Thumbs Up...Eclectic Spaces...Hellllooooo Aaron Harvie...Masterchef meets Spaghetti with Mussels Lime and Chili....and the Wategos Sunrise!

Greetings to one and all on this magnificent Friday in Brisbane Australia.
I am pleased to report that Cath is back from her coastal sojourn, and man alive...does she look hot! She has come back sun-kissed, relaxed and unwound and ready to take on the world again!  We were glad to see her too.  And during her absence I even refrained from purchasing anything lime green....or re-arranging things in the showroom!

Last week, we took a peek at some of the most amazing beach houses in Australia.  I think it wouldnt really be a story about seaside accommodation without featuring a very special place from an area that is beloved to so many of us.  Its the home of love, light, free thinking, rejuvenation, pristine beaches, earth inspired restaurants and cafe's, alternative and creative souls and much, much more....just dont pass by there during the Christmas holidays or during a music festival...thats if you want to experience that inner peace thing...rather than sitting in hours of infuriating traffic jams, as I have found out on more than one occasion.  
Oh, yeah...nearly forgot to say, this little piece of paradise is the one and only...
Byron Bay!

Byron Bay is Australias most Eastern Point.  A trip to the famed Cape Byron Lighthouse is a must.  Its a good spot to sit and take in those calming effects that the ocean seems to have on us, watch the dolphins play, at the right time of the year do a spot of whale watching, check out the hang gliders as they weave their way along the coast and if you're lucky (like a friend of mine was) see a pack of sharks devouring bait fish. 

One of Byron Bays most revered beaches is the spectacular Wategos.  Wategos bleeds wealth and style, but without the intimidation factor.  Its a place where you can blend in with the rich and famous on any given day.  It doesnt matter who you are or what you do....Wategos always welcomes with open arms.

And on my 'lets treat the Charcoal Girls for a weekend' wish list  is the magnificent Raes on Wategos.
And I mean...if its good enough for Richard Branson,who has stayed there and given it the two thumbs up, then by jove its good enough for us!

Raes on Wategos...Rated one of the top 25 hotels in the world.

 Raes is a boutique retreat with the personalised service one can expect with only seven rooms, providing an elegant, opulent and exceptionally private space in which couples can forget everything in the world except each other.
 We 'love' the eclectic mix here in one of the 7 bedrooms on offer at Raes.  

The 'Deluxe Penthouse'...resident artist David Bromleys artworks feature throughout the entire hotel.

Too Tooo Divine...The 'Mirabella Penthouse' with its arched window feature, fireplace and atrium.....

The 'Moroccan Suite'...simply stunning with King Sized Poster Bed, Moroccan Archway features balanced with smatterings of contemporary and traditional artworks.

Decor and furnishings are first class, yet warm and accommodating. This is a hotel with an exotic and eccentric charm that you are not afraid to live in.We absolutely adore the eclectic mix of furnishings. 

Little wonder the establishment is so popular with lovers and celebrities alike! 
So, if I close my eyes reeeeeal tight and click my heels together......... 'There's no place like Rae's'....'Theres no place like Rae's....

All images gratefully used with the permission of Raes on Wategos

Like to know more?....

Click here to find out more about Raes on Wategos

OK...we are putting it out there.  We are absolute, unabashed fans of Aaron Harvie from Masterchef 2010.  I mean, this guy was given all the blessings in life with a fantastic sense of style, Cool McCool coolness, panache mixed in there with a big dash of moxie and to cherry top it all off...he's a handsome dude to boot!

We loved how Aaron took risks on Masterchef.  I recall a dish where he used Truffle oil in a pretty unconventional way.  The judges didnt really have faith in his ideas...but the dish was a huge success.
Aaron is our male equivalent of Katie Noonan...and you all know how much we LOVE Katie.  
Anyway, this week I contacted Aaron because I had seen the most amazing mussel dish on his blog 'Food that Rocks'.  Its one of those meals that is just so super easy (and you know how much we like to stick with the easy peasy food preparation theme here on Friday blog).  But as Aaron describes its just a meal that you can bang together and sit with the squeeze or mates and watch some bad reality tv with whilst slurping your way through the amazing deliciousness that is...
Aaron Harvies Spaghetti with Mussels, Chili and Lemon...
click on the link below for the recipe

Friday....Thank God its Cocktail Friday!!

OK, ladies and's the time for all good men and women to kick those shoes off...and allow yourself to relax a little and imbibe in another great cocktail creation from the Charcoal Interiors Cocktail Recipe Book.

With all this talk of summer and the beach, and then that Mussel recipe of Aarons...we couldnt go past a cocktail recipe using that old classic stalwart that is 'Malibu'.  Now Malibu can be used to create some pretty crazy and yet classy cocktails you know.  This week we have selected for your sipping pleasure...
The Wategos Sunrise
Place a hibiscus behind your ear...pop on some Beach Boys...and enjoy!

1 ½ ounces Malibu rum (coconut)
4 ounces orange juice
½ ounce grenadine
Fill a glass with ice; a cocktail glass adds a stylish touch. Add the Malibu rum and then the orange juice. Pour the grenadine into the cocktail slowly. Let the grenadine settle to the bottom so that the drink looks like a sunrise.....well, maybe after a few of these it might....

Friday down and dusted.  Another week of great times together.  Glad to have Cath back.  She just has to stand far, far away from me because she just looks tooooo gooooood.  Whenever I get back from a holiday I have bad skin from all the junk I have eaten and needless to say carrying an extra million kilos or so!!
And so...wishing you all a wonderful weekend.  With love from the Charcoal Girls xxx


  1. Byron Bay is Australias most Eastern Point. A trip to the famed Cape Byron Lighthouse is a must. Its a good spot to sit and take in those calming effects that the ocean seems to have on us.

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