Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Romance, Relaxation and Serenity...In Blue and White

We had a design client in the showroom today, who has just renovated and is fortunate to enough to have a blank canvas on which to start creating a beautiful space of her own.  She loved the ideas Cathie and Colette put to her, and we have decided to share with you this week what inspires us about the amazing combination of blue and white.  Personally when I think of blue and white, it immediately transports me to the Greek Island of Santorini, where I spent a dream week with my boyfriend, and unbeknownst to me...soon to be 'fiancee'.  We stayed in the gorgeous Blue Angel Villa, where the interior design was just an extension of the outside surroundings...serene, peaceful and soooo very relaxing. Pictured today is the bedroom and living/dining area of our villa, and a little holiday snap of Pete and I outside one of the many stunning churches on the island.  It was such an indulgent stay, with the mediterranean at our doorstep, incredible eateries and local produce that was sent fresh to our doorstep every day.  It was simply a dream come true. 


Tomorrow, we look at some absolutely beautiful examples of combinations of blue and white....and we dont mean grannies china plates either!....Plus!  Our favourite haloumi recipe..perfect for the bbq.  And stay tuned for our Friday Cocktail recipe....  Until then!

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