Thursday, March 25, 2010

Kali Mera!...our Greek Experience...Haloumi, Kardamyli and more....


The celebrated travel writer Sir Patrick Leigh Fermor has led an eventful life...a traveler and during world War II, a highly distinguised solder...he walked across Europe at the age of nineteen and saw himself portrayed on screen in 1957 by Dirk Bogarde, who enacted his part in the abduction of a Nazi general in occupied Crete.  And so, it seems only natural, that Leigh Fermor would have desired a peaceful respite.  In the early 1960's he moved to what was then a largely untouched area of Greece...seduced by a painterly vista of scrubby green islands and glittering aquamarine sea.  His wife Joan, then designed this magnificent rambling peasant home.
An unpretentious hodgepodge of furniture old and new is arranged on gray stone floors.

Proscuitto Wrapped Haloumi.....Nostimos!
OK....we DID promise it...and here it is..our fave Greek haloumi recipe!  AND..its just so...soooo..simple.  Recently my partner Pete and I were finalists in the My Kitchen Rules TV show on channel 7 here in Australia.  This dish clinched our finalist took just minutes to prepare, but boy is it delicious and impressive.
Firstly, cut a slice of Haloumi from the block...around 3cms in width.  Wrap it with some quality proscuitto and then secure with a toothpick.  You can pop a basi leaf in between the haloumi and proscuitto...or mint works too!  We prefer to cook ours on the bbq....just a few minutes either side, until the proscuitto and haloumi start browning slightly.  Plate it up with a squeeze of lemon....a drizzle of quality olive oil (my brother produces his own from an olive grove in Sth Australia...but thats for another blog heee hee....) and a toss of cracked the greeks would say....Nostimos!! (delicious!)...  We would just love to hear of your success with this dish...until Friday....Cocktail Friday!....yours in design, creativity and style....Colette, Cathie and Jen!

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